Tuesday, 4 July 2006

Day One (and Two)

Hi everybody, how's it going? It's 145pm and I'm currently sitting at my desk in my new workplace - whoohoo! It's certainly been an interesting couple of days, with new people to meet (whose names I promptly forget, since there's only so much brain capacity) and with a ton of new things to do. I won't type very much right now since I have to leave on an assignment in about fifteen minutes (and I don't think I'm really supposed to be typing on my blog right now, heh) - I'll be checking out the launch of the Heineken Thirst Studio competition in KL City. Day two, and an out-of-office assignment already! Meanwhile, my editor has asked me to look into working on stories on the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra (yes we have one), as well as an upcoming locally-produced musical. So... yeah, it's all getting exciting.

Rightyo then, I'll update more later ... ooh, my computer at home has finally been fixed (and I've bought a laptop *cough* with borrowed funds) so that should double the online convenience a little bit. Okay, until later... ~N

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