Monday, 31 July 2006

Weary, Smart, New and Old

Whew am I tired today! Have been walking heaps - first from my office to this place where I was going to interview this theatre troupe; and then, once the interview was over, from this place where I interviewed the theatre troupe all the way back home. Whew! But it was a really good interview, so there's that.

Yesterday I didn't do much apart from mucking about with my computer and recording equipment - oh, and Terry & I took a Daimler-Chrysler Smart Car for a drive, which was pretty fun, except the vehicle itself (no offence to D-C crew and fans) doesn't seem to provide for a very smooth drive. It's cute enough (circles everywhere!) and certainly powerful (goes from 0 to 100 in 6 seconds - not like we tried doing that, no siree, we didn't, uh-uh!), but... I dunno, two-seater bubble cars don't really appeal to me. And people don't really treat you seriously when you drive it - there was this chick who was walking in the middle of the road (that's KL for you), and when we honked her, she turned around and burst into a fit of giggles. It's true! Oh, the humanity!! Elsewhere, we were gawped at, pointed to, laughed at... it was pretty fun, but all in all, not a car I'd want to own!

What else? Bought a new wallet yesterday. Um. That's not terribly exciting. :P

Okay, well, that's all for now then!! Take care, until next time! Oh, no comments on the new look?? Like it? Don't like it? The older purple version can still be viewed if you click on the archives!! And countdown to two-year anniversary of this blog: 4 days! Whoohoo!! Ok bye!

Sunday, 30 July 2006

Random Sitcom Quote #16

Will & Jack are moping about, depressed.

Jack: Will, do you think I'm pathetic?
Will: Of course not. Do you think I'm pathetic?
Jack: (after a slight pause) Sometimes...
Will: That's not how this was supposed to go.
Jack: Oh, of course, sorry, try again, try again.
Will: Do you think I'm pathetic?
Jack: (after a slight pause) Sometimes...

- Will & Grace, Fagmalion Pt 2, Season 5

Saturday, 29 July 2006

Wot The?! (Again)

Oh lookie here! Another revamped opening page! Heh. I just thought it was again time for a change, even though I last switched it (from red to purple) sometime earlier this year. And MMMM will soon be two years old come August 4, so this switch is in commemoration of that, only about a week earlier. Anyway, the (rather infamous) background shows me going "Grrr!! Argh!" and in the process of making a clenched fist at my keyboard. Most of my mates should be familiar with it. (Or, at least, with me clenching and shaking fists at them.)

Happy weekend, everybody!

Friday, 28 July 2006

Of Assassins, Screeching Plates & Kisses

Hi all! What's been happening? Wow, I can't believe it's Friday night already. Friday night and I'm at home surfing the web and working on this blog, ahahaha! Yea, I've got no life. LOL! But on the plus side, I got my first paycheck on Wednesday, yippee! Have spent way too much already. And on wot, I have no idea. Food, probably. Oy.

Anyhoos, today I had an interview with Jon Kennedy of Jon Kennedy Assassins, a UK dance group. Nice bloke, easy to talk to and the whole thing went really well. Was meant to go to a gig where they're performing tonite, but I'm not feeling 100% (bloody hot outdoors and freezing cold air-conditioned indoors!!) and it's raining and I'm really buggered too. Sigh. But yea, it was a pretty good interview if I may say so.

Jon on drums

Afterwards I headed to KLCC where I had a Nando's lunch, and it was the funniest thing: the place was so packed (apparently Nando's is really popular with the working crowd at 1230pm on a Friday!), and so they seated me at this little table right behind the podium where people waited to be seated. I was facing the crowd of people who passed on by, and boy was it surreal when people stopped and waited to get in - there I was, scarcely a metre away from them, and I felt like a performer on a stage, struggling with my cutlery and 1/4-piece of chicken, spattering sauce all over the tabletop, sweating profusely due to the (self-inflicted) ingestion of Extra Hot Peri-Peri Sauce, and sipping desperately and awkwardly from my tall glass of ice lemon tea. Not like I'm not used to performances, heh! After a while I thought, "Oh well. Anybody who stares at me probably wants to be entertained anyway!" And so I got through it, with the backup plan to, should I have a clumsy moment and send pieces of chicken flying across the table and onto the floor, throw my cutlery down, jump to my feet, look indifferent and dignified, and bow dramatically. PS Somebody should tell Nando's that their ceramic plates and their forks and knives do not go together! Mein Gott!! It was a nightmare trying to eat while having nasty chills and shivers running through me due to the awful screeching the cultery kept producing as it made horrid contact with the plate!!

Anyways, I conclude this blog with this nice little cartoon strip, featuring, as I had predicted below, the end of Jon Arbuckle's single days :) ... there are some strips missing in between those I posted below and this one, but you can check them out on Okay, enjoy, and buh-bye for now!! :)

Click for bigger view!

Thursday, 27 July 2006

Nick-Knack #15: Ants

Little red ants are crawling in the
corner of my room: tiny segmented bodies
with miniscule legs and almost invisible
bobbing antennae in a constant rush
from the ceiling to the floor,
in and out of little cracks and crevices
where they have made their homes.
How I admire their
their constant hunt for
the strength of their bodies,
their inspiring insectile kinship.
Elsewhere, the Ridsect insecticide smells
strangely like talcum powder.

Tuesday, 25 July 2006

Random Horror Movie Reflection: A 'Bwa-hahahahahaaa!!' Moment

Has anyone seen the tanning salon sequence in Final Destination 3? How cool (heh!!) was it? I thought (as my mates Terry and Nan did: "Watch the movie if only for the first death scene!") it was really well-executed (all puns deliberately intended)! Shame none of the other gruesome ends were as drawn-out as the one with the tanning beds. I mean, the water dripping, the temperature rising, the fusebox shortcircuiting, the lotion-tube front-door-wedge oozing, the door locking, the coat-rack toppling, the shelf collapsing, the girls screaming and screaming and screaming and thrashing, the wooden board wedging the beds shut, their skin sizzling, the glass shattering, the girls falling through the glass into the wires, the beds exploding, the fire consuming... easily the best out of the whole franchise! *evil laughter*

Aahhhhh! I look like Britney!

For those of you who are now intrigued and would like a more detailed description of the ingeniously unlikely but craftily-plotted chain of events that led to the girls' incineration, check out the spoilers (including the nasty details of other characters' grisly demises) here!

Garfield: An Exposition On Developing Plot Shifts

Many of you know I'm a Garfield fan, right? Cool. Something interesting's happening with the daily comic strips, and I suspect that cartoonist Jim Davis has finally remembered that 1) the best Garfield strips happen when there's an ongoing storyline that takes place over a week or more (something that has been lacking from the fat cat's strip for the past ten years or so!), and that 2) maybe it's time for Jon to stop being such a loser and finally hook up with someone. The fact that signs seem to hint towards Jon finaaaally getting together with Liz Wilson adds to the intrigue factor: will he finally have his dreams come true?

Click for full view

Two things to note: the front page of dramatically proclaims (with a melodramatic burst of thunder!) Comic strip shocker! Garfield's life changes forever! in an unbelievable chain of events! (accompanied by a little panel with the orange meatball's look of pure horror). Then, of course, there's the fact that Jon and Liz do get together (or don't they? I'm not 100% sure) in the movie, so maybe it's all a publicity ploy and/or an attempt to get the comic strip consistent with the film.

Either way, I'm liking it -- it's injecting a burst of new life to the 28(!)-year-old comic strip, and just might lead to new plotlines and hysterical occurrences in the Garfield world. I mean, Dr Liz is the dreaded vet who Garfield avoids like a plague!! Can you imagine if she were to become a permanent fixture in the Arbuckle home?? Hahahahaha!! It's definitely got my vote!

Click for bigger view
I've got too much free time. :P

Sunday, 23 July 2006

Recaps and Oh, Look! A Music Clip!

How's it going everyone? Just quick update -- spent Friday off because we were in the office until 430am putting our latest (and for me, the first) edition to rest; Saturday I spent most of the day hanging out with Terry, Debra, her Nick, Aaron (who's down from Penang); we saw Pirates of the Carribean II (didn't really see the first one, so I think I would've enjoyed it more had I been more familiar with the characters); and in the evening caught up with Danny (aka Faggot, no, it's true, it's his nickname, he loves it and proudly admits to it!) too, so that was fun and interesting! Today, Sunday, spent most of the day hooking up my keyboard to the computer and working with sound software and music stuff, which I've missed doing, so I'm glad it's all falling into place, yay! Tomorrow back to work, so... yeah, it's looking like weekdays might be kinda routine. We'll see how it goes.

And now, for a limited time only, for those of you who have absolutely nothing better to do (or those who like to pretend to be fans of my music; go on, make me happy! LOL), here's something to download - a sneak preview of what I intend to be the Overture to my work in progress, The Edge (previously The Ledge), in .mp3 format. It's a really short clip (less than 1mb) and it's a pretty rough, messy draft, but methinks you'll get the idea. And I don't think I'd make the actual arrangements so full and melodramatic - but that's something I'll develop. Anyways, if you're interested, click on the link below to check it out!

The Edge: Overture (rough concept recording)

Alright, that's all from me for now! Until next time, take care and byebye! ~N

Thursday, 20 July 2006

Nick-Knack #14: Mouse

An optical mouse sits next to my
right hand: black, curvical, linked to this
slow-moving, rundown computer by a
solitary black wire that coils around the
of the fifteen-inch monitor.
And as I stare wearily at the words
on the screen, I have to fight the dark temptation
to pick up the mouse and turn it over and
let the piercing red beam of its
blind my tired eyes.

Nick-Knack #13: Name Cards

Yesterday a colleague-stranger walked by
and placed a little plastic container
on my desk before promptly
moving on;
and as I looked at this unexpected gift, I was
struck with the notion that
it made things even more
official, this stack
of small, rectangular pieces of thick paper
with my name and the company logo
proudly and prominently presented on each.
I couldn't help but smile.

Wednesday, 19 July 2006

Nick-Knack #12: Sharpener

A lone sharpener sits
on the wall of the cubicle in front of mine:
blue, with a little cartoon of an elephant
wearing a tutu, like a clumsy
ballerina, holding a magic wand with
a golden star at the very end;
and as I stare at it, it dawns upon me
that the wand cannot possibly be there
as elephants do not have
any fingers.

History & Balls

Hey all! How's it goin? Well, it's close to 2am, and boy has it been a busy day at work today! Was at the office from about 1130am to 1045pm, I kid you not! Yea, it's the time of month where we need to get this edition wrapped up, so it's busy, busy, busy!! But otherwise it's all going well and I'm enjoying it still, so that's good news... ;)

Have been meaning to talk about the little road trip Terry and I took last Friday night. We drove down to the little state of Melacca (about two hours' drive away from PJ where we live), and boarded at the Equatorial Hotel in Melacca town. For those who don't know, Melacca is a little state south of Kuala Lumpur where, sometime in the 1500s or something (I don't know, I'm not a history buff and I can't really be stuffed looking it up) big wars were fought between the Portuguese and ... um... the locals, I think. Good heavens this is embarrassing. But anyway, the big Portuguese fort A. Famosa still stands (what remains of it, at least), as well as remains of the Portuguese residence: the ruins of an old church (complete with huge epitaphs proclaiming the names, circumstances and dates-of-death of the dead), a graveyard, and other historic relics such as cannons. It's a little shaming to admit that this was the first time ever that I'd visited these sites that have been so widely-mentioned in our history books, but there y'go. And for those of you in the know, the Straits of Melacca is (apparently still) one of the most popular and busiest waterways in the world, a hub for commercial shipping activity. So there you go. We all learn something new everyday. :)

Anyway, apart from the historical bits, Melacca is pleasant enough, though quiet-ish. Kinda like Perth, when I think about it, only smaller and quieter, LOL. But still, Terry and I had a good time. Saturday night we had an all-you-can-eat Teochew Porridge buffet at the 24-hour food place next to the hotel (where I proceeded to eat with a regular pair of cutlery - a spoon and a fork - only to be told by a disdainful Terry who used chopsticks and one of those Chinese ceramic spoons that I had "no culture", LOL). Good times. And on Sunday we met up with Terry's friend (and our mutual mate Aaron's close mate) Stephanie and ate Melacca's famous chicken rice balls. Now, for those of you who don't know (and I admit, even I was a little blurry on the concept), chicken rice balls are just like your regular chicken rice that you have in (for Malaysians) the coffeeshops or (for Aussies) the Asian restaurants -- except the rice has been mushed together into, literally, balls that you then bite into and eat with said chicken (some people prefer to mash the balls back into mushy rice, but methinks that defeats the purpose a little bit). All in all it was really yummy, even though yes, they probably do use their fingers to squeeze the rice bits into little orbs. Methinks it adds to the flavour. Don't quote me on that.

Sunday afternoon we proceeded to drive back to KL and onwards to PJ... which thus ends the road trip. Now, I'd taken a shiteload of photos but unfortunately I was using Terry's camera because I couldn't find mine at the time; so all the pics are with Terry, who has yet to upload 'em and give 'em to me. I'll try to get them on this blog soonish, but in the meantime, if you're curious as to how these chicken rice balls look like, check out this blog for photos (no, that wasn't the same restaurant we went to)! ;))

Okay, until next time! ~N

Saturday, 15 July 2006

Foody Friday: A Feast of Fun (Photoblog!)

Hi everybody! How's it going? Well, I've been having quite an eventful weekend. I'll make the written exposition short(ish) because I've got a number of photos to share. Friday was one of the busiest days I've had at work (out of the grand total of ten days, ahahaha!) - went to Starhill Gallery in KL (a high-end shopping complex which was redone and unveiled last year while I was away, accounting for why I hadn't heard of it prior) for a press preview of a food event, wherein they had the top chefs from five famous restaurants each give a presentation on how to prepare a trademark dish from his or her own establishment. It was quite an interesting affair, and the best part was that each of us (the media) got to eat the food afterwards (not the food that was prepared on stage, but rather food that had already been prepared in mass amounts in the kitchens). I went there with my colleague Grace, and we both ate till we were stuffed... and I was meant to go to a second food event immediately after, but a) we were running late as it was, and ii) we were stuffed to bursting point. All in all, it was definitely a good brunch. Yes, brunch - it started at a little past 1030am and finished at about 1pm. Good times.

Anyhoo, here are some photos of the event: the elevator (where each floor is labelled according to the stores that occupy it, such as Pamper for the stores that help you to relax and unwind; Explore for... um... I'm not sure, but something to do with exploration, I suppose; and Feast for the floor with restaurants and food galore!); the decor at the event, and, most importantly, the yummy foods!!!! Okay here we go... :)

Click for bigger view
The elevator buttons. Whoops, the flash bounced off the reflective surface. Heh. Oh well.

Click for bigger view One vantage point within the Starhill Gallery.

Click for bigger view Some simple but elegant table decor.

Click for bigger view And another.

Click for bigger view For starters: vegetarian samosas.

Click for bigger view
An Asian-style salad.

One of the chefs preparing a specialty dish.

Click for bigger view Middle-Eastern-style chicken wraps.

Click for bigger view For the main course: king prawn and asparagus (being prepared)...

Click for bigger view
...And the final presentation.

Afterwards I hung about in KLCC before going for my next assignment, a Q&A session with international classical pianist Krystan Zimerman, who's in town for a one-night-only concert (this coming Monday night, yay!). It was a much less daunting experience than I'd expected because it was a limited-guest press conference (all in all, the number of people who asked him questions was, like, four), and I managed to ask the things I'd planned (which I'm not going to mention here)... But yeah, that certainly was interesting and entertaining.

View from the table where I stopped for a coffee in KLCC.

Friday night Terry and I hopped into his (below-mentioned) little green Kancil and we embarked on a road trip to the historic little state of Melacca! Whoohoo! But I'll talk more about it tomorrow or something (which would probably mean it's the post above this one, for those of you who check out this blog later, ahaha!). More photos to accompany that one!

Okay, until next time, bon apetit and keep on rockin'! xxox ~N

Thursday, 13 July 2006

Nick's Pissed Off And Ranting

Gawd I'm pissed off today. At 230am this morning my new toy somehow got infect with a freakin' Downloader virus that started sending out emails to random people... and since my computer has an email scanner, hundreds and thousands of little popup windows began to, well, pop up saying "your message has been sent", "your message could not be sent", "your message was rejected", etc. Bloody hell. So I had to restore the computer to system settings because the virus scanner wasn't picking up the bug and getting rid of it. Fortunately, of course, the laptop is new, so restoring to system settings didn't really cause too much of a setback since most of my software hadn't been installed yet. But grr, arrgh, what a fuckin' annoyance! In spite of protection software and firewalls and anti-spyware and antivirus programs... *shakes fist vehemently!*

My father was starting to get on my nerves again today - nine days into the job and he's telling me I should ask to cover different stories and not just "music and entertainment related", under the guise of wanting me to "branch out into other topics". What a load of crap - i've not even written my first article yet. What this really is is another example of how he doesn't want me pursuing a music/entertainment-related career. "Tell him (the editor, my boss) you don't want to only cover entertainment," he says. Which really reads, "Tell him I don't want you to only cover entertainment." What a crock. If he had no intention of my doing this, why the hell did he bother supporting me through all those years in Perth? And even prior - two years of hell in a regimented boarding school in Sydney on a music scholarship - what the hell was that, just for the convenience of a paid-for education and also because it's a face-saving thing?? "Oh, my son got a scholarship to Australia!" What scholarship? "Oh, you know... to study." Gimme a break.

The truth of the matter is, this is what I'm going to do. This is what I'm passionate about, and if you don't think passion counts for squat, then I'm sorry for you because you're not getting the most out of life. And I'm even less sorry to say this: you've already got one son who doesn't have any ambition. Why the hell would you want to piss on my dreams too?

Wednesday, 12 July 2006

Nicky's Got A Brand New Toy...

Heyhey all!! Whoohoo, guess what? Today I finally got the toy I've been waiting for (and no, it's not some kinky adult thing, sheeeeeesh!! Get your minds out of the gutter, folks!) ... but it's actually... *drum roll please*...... my new laptop computer!!! Whoohoo!!! Okay, I'm quite sleepy now after having spent most of the evening setting up the internet connection and all (which I thankfully managed to do, yaaay, I'm online using it right now!!), so I'm gonna hit the sack and probably talk more about this later today. But if you'd like to take a glimpse of it and what it contains, check out this link. Okay, that's about all for now... will write more soon!! Bye!

Added 324pm, Wednesday:

I'm back! Whoohoo! Just taking a little breather from work by typing this little paragraph. So yea - laptop. Finally, my own computer back home, and soon I'll be upgrading it with a new soundcard to boost up the audio and connect my musical keyboard to it! Recordings and stuff, here we come, can hardly wait. It's been far too long. :) And for the first time in a long while I'm using a computer that actually runs smoothly and quickly. I mean, jeez! I've never had more than three programs running at the same time before, LOL - that's how shitty my previous computers (both at home and in Perth) were!

Laptop!Anyway, I'm now RM4,000 poorer, and if it hadn't been for my generous and very lovely grandpawpaw who loaned me the money, I wouldn't have been able to buy it. And before anyone thinks, "Jeez, what a spoiled brat, purchasing such a luxury item" - let me just say that I actually do need this computer. I mean, there's the recordings, of course, which I can't do with my home desktop, not just because it's a piece of crap, but also because mummy teaches tuition to little kiddies at all hours of the day - I've mentioned that before yes? ;) Then there's the stories I'm writing, both fiction and work-related. Then there's the fact that this job of mine might require me to travel about, which means having a portable computer is good (mobility it always a plus). Then there's the photoshopping of images for work (they encourage us to multitask; take our own photos, etc. It's a big learning experience), and the downloading of movies and music and things, and the online chatting (it's communication! it's important!), and the web surfing both for leisure and for research, and the CD and DVD burning, and the movie-watching and music-listening and the digital-photo-tranferring and the porn (yes the porn) and and and of course this very longwinded and self-involved BLOG.

So there.

(jeez what a brat)

Well, I gotta get back to work, so I leave you with that nice little photo of the laptop and my best wishes for the rest of the day. Take care, until my next post... ~N

Tuesday, 11 July 2006

Nick-Knack #11: Online Chat

Tonight I was having an online chat with
a friend, and I realised, halfway through the
conversation, that we've both reached
this point where our friendship is
really something I shouldn't worry about
anymore; and that we are, despite
some turbulent beginnings, going to
achieve great things, and that we are going to be
just fine.

Sunday, 9 July 2006

Nick-Knack #10: Calendar

Today I looked at the calendar
and counted back to the twentieth day of May
and realised, with a mild jolt of surprise,
that I've only been back home
for seven weeks; and yet
it feels as if I've been back forever -
indeed, as if I'd never left.
I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing.

Nick-Knack #9: Breakfast

Mornings I like to sit in the corner coffeeshop
and stare at people who pass on by
with their laptops and their coat-and-ties
and their shiny office shoes,
heading towards the nearby Starbucks or
Coffee Bean for a breakfast of coffee and toast
that would set them back about twenty bucks;
and, without meaning to be
condescending or
envious or
judgmental, I ponder on the fact that
I like soft-boiled eggs.

Saturday, 8 July 2006

Nick-Knack #8: Mug

Hark: the chipped used mug on my new workdesk
stares balefully at me with its funky - albeit amorphic -
(faded) multicoloured designs painting the
otherwise beige ceramic: oh the
places it must have been; the
beverages - hot, cold, lukewarm - that must have
filled it; the lips that must have sipped
from its dull rim day in and day out, as its
previous owner worked long and hard
in the days prior to his or her departure; the
many stories, had it a mouth that could actually
vocalise and articulate, it could tell...
Into the trash it goes.

Thursday, 6 July 2006

The Bedazzled Blabbing Of A Rookie Reporter

Sean GhaziHey all. How's it going? Well, another day, Hahahah! Nah, was pretty Deanna Yusofeventful. In the afternoon I was sent to attend the first preview of Sean Ghazi's debut CD which will be launched in August. There I was, at 4pm on a workday, being offered strawberries, cheese, mini-quiches and wine, and I'm thinking, this is still part of the job, right? And then of course I got to meet Sean himself, and Deanna Yusof (who I sadly can't seem to find many websites on), and a host of members of the media who took one look at me, saw my overexuberance, glanced at each other wryly and whispered conspiratorially, "Newbie."


Nah, the other members of the media were a cool bunch. Anyway, they previewed five songs from the CD, all of which were really cool (I already highly recommend the album - although it's mostly in Malay - but apparently they don't want too much publicity on it before the actual release, so I shall continue to remain hush hush about it) and a music video, and all in all, coupled with the fact that I found out that one of my cousins is the editor-in-chief of a magazine here, it was a pretty fascinating day. Sean Hayes

Jodie FosterInteresting fact for those who don't know: both Sean and Deanna were in Anna and the King with Jodie Foster. And Sean's been part of a number of musicals (including The King and I, Miss Saigon and the acclaimed Hey Mr Producer!: The Musicals World of Cameron Mackintosh concert at the Royal Albert Hall) in London. Respect! (One day, Nick. One day...) ;)

Megan MullalyOn a totally different note, Debra Messing, Megan Mullally and Sean Hayes were given Emmy nominations for Best Lead Actress, Best Supporting Actress and BesLeslie Jordant Supporting Actor respectively for their roles in Will & Grace! And Leslie Jordan, whom I feel has long been neglected for his hilarious role as Beverly Leslie, finally got the Best Guest Performance nod, alongside Alec Baldwin (as Season 7 & 8's Malcolm Widmark - scroll downwards to find his name) and Blythe Danner (as Will's mom Marilyn Truman)! Whoohooo! Here's hoping they win!

Okay, starstruck mode over. Buh-bye everyone! ~N

Debra Messing

Wednesday, 5 July 2006

The Tale of Terry and the Crazy Car-Key Fiasco

So my friend Terry tonight told me a rather interesting story (in my opinion at least). "A good six months ago," he begins his tale....

... Terry parked his car in the basement parking lot of his office building, in the care of the resident car washer who would clean his vehicle while Terry was at work and have the car ready for collection by the end of the work day. This meant, of course, that Terry would have to leave his carkeys in the hands of the washer.

So Terry went up to work, keys with said washer, who worked on Terry's (Malaysian-made car) Kancil with finesse and flourish. Eight or so hours later, Terry returned to pick up his car, which was, incidentally, looking incredibly beautiful all polished and gleaming. So the car washer picked up a set of keys, wandered over to the car, and stuck the key in the keyhole. He turned it. Paused, looking uncertain, and jiggled the key to the left and to the right, over and over. He didn't speak; Terry frowned, wondering what the matter was, but didn't utter a word either.

So the man continuously jiggled the key, removed it and stuck it back in and tried to open the car, but all in vain. And then, just when the man was starting to appear quite apprehensive and Terry was growing quite impatient, the car locks snapped up. Looking relieved, the washer opened the driver's side door -- only to have the car alarm go off. Startled, the man desperately punched at the alarm button accompanying the key, but to no avail... for some strange reason, the alarm wouldn't go off!! So there they were, with the car wailing and blaring its distressed call, lights flashing in a desperate cry for attention, while the man fumbled, flustered, with the keys and the alarm, and Terry wondered silently and out loud what the hell is going on, "what the hell is going on?".

Eventually the alarm turned off on its own (even though the lights remained flashing), and the man stuck the key into the ignition... turned it... and the engine roared to life. Finally, the man returned to Terry's side and said inexplicably, "Earlier there was another green Kancil that drove off." And Terry replied, "Um. Yes. Good." So what? Then the man gave Terry his keys -- and Terry realised, with a jolt of shock, that they weren't his keys. This set in his hands had a religious-icon-keyring not of Terry's faith, and looked absolutely nothing like the set he'd handed over to the car washer.

Mystified, he demanded of the man, "Um. These aren't my keys!!!"; and with a terrible sinking feeling that must've struck the man a long time ago, they realised that the driver of the other green Kancil -- a car that had been parked right next to Terry's and which was identical in make, size and colour -- had driven away using Terry's keys!

And so poor Terry had to drive home with his headlights continually flashing, using the keys that belonged to another driver of another vehicle. And through the ride home, he couldn't help but wonder, how the hell could this have happened? Did the car washer not see that the cars were different, if not on the outside, at least on the inside?? Did he not experience problems starting up the other car too? The other car -- did the driver not realise he had the wrong keys? How could not have realised?

And what were the odds of two cars of similar make, size and colour having parked side-by-side in the same car-wash-parking-lot on the same day and in the same particular period of time? Car-makers tend to produce a limited number of similar locks and keys; for example, 1,000 of the same mass-produced car have similar keys. The odds of two cars winding up in the same place at the same time, so much so that the keys were mixed up, are really slim, especially when you consider the size of many nations and the fact that vehicles are imported and exported... and yet it happened!!

So to this day, half a year later, Terry still owns another man's keys, and is driving his little Kancil with the spare set. Somewhere out there, another driver has his keys, which intially freaked Terry out: what if the other person came back to break into Terry's car? Fortunately, nothing has happened.

And the ending of the story? Terry recently had his locks and keys recalibrated, setting him back RM300, which the car washer claimed he couldn't afford to pay; in exchange for the major faux pas, Terry now has free parking for five months.

Now that's quite a story.

Nick-Knack #7: Train

Today I hopped on a train into the city, and
blinked sleepily as the surroundings
zipped by in a great blur of
big, tall, buildings;
cars jam-packed bumper to bumper;
motorcyclists weaving dangerously
between vehicles, kings of the road;
plumes of smoke, haze, heat and smog...
And I looked at myself and the other passengers:
sweaty and tired and jam-packed elbow-to-elbow,
and thanked the stars that we were
lucky enough to be on the train.

Tuesday, 4 July 2006

Day Two (Continued) & Pics (Not Of Day Two)

Heyhey I'm back! 1020pm and I'm exhausted, LOL! Finally, the life of a working person, tee-hee. How inexperienced do I sound, hey? :P Anyhooo, so two days in the workplace, and it's going quite well. The office is about 10 minutes' (read: 20; this is Malaysia after all) from home (it's a whole 35 minutes' walk; I know, I tried it!); the parking is subsidised per month so I can park in the basement anytime; the people in the company seem really nice (most of 'em), and in two days we've already got, like, four projects lined up for me to work on over the next four weeks (that's, like, a week an article. Yikes). I think, professionally and logically, I won't be able to talk too much about these projects here as much as I'd like to. Sorry, folks, that's the way it's gotta be. Fortunately I don't, like, write on the stock market like other members of the newswriting team do. That would be giving away way too much! Heh! Still, today took me into the heart of Kuala Lumpur, the roads of which I'm not too familiar driving on; but somehow I managed to find my way ... um.... to a train station to bring me to my destination, LOL. It was a club. Oh, here's the other perk of working in entertainment media: happy hour at any hour!! "I'm meant to be working," some people whisper bashfully - I say, booze? bring it on, baby! Then, of course, there was the train ride back, and the follow-up meeting with my supervisor... *cough* moving on, moving on.

So there you go. Day Two. Oh, for those who are in PJ, I'm working in Phileo Damansara, which, as you know, has quite a significant selection of makan places. Yupyupyup - Chinese, Indian, Malay, Japanese, Korean, Western... you name it, they've got it. And all within a thirty-second walking distance from work. Incidentally, The Edge, where I work, has a cafeteria for staff only that pretends to be one of the shops - i.e. when you look at the double-glass-doors and the big sign above 'em from afar, you'd think, "Cool shop"... only to realise that you won't be able to get in lest you swipe yer staff card. Heh. And inside, it's all airconditioned with funky tables and chairs and pool tables and... oh it's pretty cool. Anyways.

Well, that's about all for now. I shall leave you with some more self-absorbed sharing, this time in the form of photographs of... um... my bedroom. Now, don't get too excited. Good, clean pictures of my relatively-new living-sleeping space. Decorated by yours truly. I think that might be obvious. *snerkle*... okay here we go:

Click for full view Keyboard, desk, CD player, section of bed.

Click for full view From another viewpoint.

Click for full view
Bookshelf and funky Ikea mirrors... :)

Oh, ok, here's a couple of pictures of the doggies (I really ought to take more people pictures):

Click for bigger view The doggies after a bath...

Click for bigger view Jodie!

Ok byeeee! ~N

Day One (and Two)

Hi everybody, how's it going? It's 145pm and I'm currently sitting at my desk in my new workplace - whoohoo! It's certainly been an interesting couple of days, with new people to meet (whose names I promptly forget, since there's only so much brain capacity) and with a ton of new things to do. I won't type very much right now since I have to leave on an assignment in about fifteen minutes (and I don't think I'm really supposed to be typing on my blog right now, heh) - I'll be checking out the launch of the Heineken Thirst Studio competition in KL City. Day two, and an out-of-office assignment already! Meanwhile, my editor has asked me to look into working on stories on the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra (yes we have one), as well as an upcoming locally-produced musical. So... yeah, it's all getting exciting.

Rightyo then, I'll update more later ... ooh, my computer at home has finally been fixed (and I've bought a laptop *cough* with borrowed funds) so that should double the online convenience a little bit. Okay, until later... ~N

Saturday, 1 July 2006

Nick-Knack #6: Football

Last night, my friend and I watched
the quarter-final match between
Germany and Argentina: a long,
drawn-out game
that had us going "noooo!" and "yeesss!" in turns -
and I asked her of the team she supported;
and she replied "Argentina", because
"if Germany loses, they don't have
to go very far home."
You can't argue with that kind of logic.