Wednesday, 28 December 2005

Festive Fotos!

Today: may I present ... *drum roll please*.... Photos of Christmas 2005 (and Boxing Day!) in Perth! Whoohoo!

My first impulse was to make this next entry a photoblog, but I figured that wouldn't be fair for those with a limited bandwidth - so I've included a main pic to introduce the people in it, and the rest of the photos as thumbnails (except the last one, which is my personal favourite!). Click on them for a bigger view, ya? Ya!

Back, L-R: Yours truly, Carol, Adam; Front: Justin & Judi. Missing from picture: Mark. Because he wasn't there when we took the shot. Oh well. The newcomer in the other pics is Mark. Plus, you might've seen him before in other photos anyway. So yea. I'll stop typing. This is a much too lengthy caption. Oh look I'm still going. Okay, I'll stop now. Stopping. Stopped.


Sunday, 25 December 2005

A Christmas Joke Of Catastrophic Crotchal Proportions

So halfway through our post-X'mas-lunch-pre-siesta Stargate SG-1 marathon, our friend Adam P. (heeeeey Adaamm!) calls me up and says he has a joke to tell me.

"Three guys die and go to heaven, and at the Pearly Gates, St Peter says to 'em, 'Since it's Christmas and all, if you wanna get into heaven, you've got to show me something Christmassy.' So the first dude brings out some Christmas bells. St Peter looks at them and says, 'Yup. Okay. Go on in.' The next guy brings out some holly, and again, St Peter looks at them and approves. Then the third guy shows St Peter a pair of knickers. St Peter looks at them and asks, 'What's this?'

The dude replies, 'They're Carol's...'"

*Oh dear.*
Merry Christmas everyone! ~N

Tis The Season To Be Jolly!!

Wow! Another year goes by, and once again it's December 25th! Unbelievable! Well, for those who've been keeping up with my plans, I'm spending xmas in Perth this year instead of going back to Malaysia, and boy, it's been a blast! I do miss home, of course, but it's also nice to be able to be here and spend Christmas with my friends. Yesterday, Christmas eve, I headed up to church (a good thirty-second walk away from home) at 430pm and played second keyboard for both Masses at 6pm and 9pm, which was a lot of fun. The 6pm one was held outdoors, and it was my first outdoor service, so it was terrific. In between Masses, one of the parish priests hauled up beer, wine and other boozes for us to get tipsy on, hahaha! Great fun. The priests are so such cool guys (odd to put "cool guys" with the word "priest", ain't it?!) ... but they are, it's true!! One of them had a breast-cancer-awareness tag on his wrist which proudly proclaims I'm Breast Aware, and he was making jokes about it. Funny, funny stuff. But I suppose you had to be there... heh!

Anyway. Today, Judi, Carol, Justin and I spent time preparing a traditional Christmas meal Judith-style, which includes an 8kg barbecued glazed ham (yum!!), a mega fruit salad with over a dozen fruits in it, potato salad, snacks and hor doeur'ves, and about ten million types of sweets, pudding, coffee and chocolates. I guess we can say goodbye to my weight-loss diet. :P But it's been fab; we're right now absolutely stuffed to the brim (no kidding), having eaten for hours and hours non-stop. Apparently it's the Judi way. I dunno. Hehe. Right now it's siesta time, so that's why I'm on the computer with this update. I'll put up some pics shortly, k?? It's been a grand day. :)

Well, that's all I have to say for now. Until next time, here's a hearty


May this Christmas season be a time of great love and happiness for everyone!! xoxox ~Nick

Thursday, 22 December 2005

For Those Who Might Be Interested...

In the spirit of sheer pointlessness, may I proudly present -- photos of my new bedroom! *applause!!* (Actually, it's not really pointless. In the event that I might need to move out and away from here, this post actually serves as a nice reminder of what was.) Anyway, click on the pics for a bigger view if you so desire...

View of the "living room".

View of the bed-space. Look - a piano on the far right! Whoohoo! (And yes, that is a gym ball. And worse, an ironing board. Gawd.)

A view of the room in ambient light...
:) ~N

Stargates, Sourpusses & Seasons Greetings!

Hi everyone! How's it all going? Been a while since I last updated, but here's the rundown of events that have taken place in the past ten days.




Heheh. It's been quite quiet; just been settling in to the new place and tidying up the house. Got my ADSL up and running again, which is fantastic! Now I'm back to downloading new eppies of my favourite TV shows. Ooh, and thanks to Judi and Carol, I'm now officially addicted to old and new episodes of Stargate SG-1. It's just so much bloody fun, goshdurn it! Carter rocks! Bugga. This means nine seasons to catch up on. Looks like there's a lotta downloading in store. Or there's always the DVDs. Heh.

We finally got out everything out of our old home in Pine Grove and into Dean Road...only to get a phone call by the landlady's representative, whingeing about how "you haven't cleaned the house at all!", which is a load of bull because we left the house cleaner than it's ever been. Here's the summarised version: Nick moves into Pine Grove in 2002 with a bunch of strangers who already live there; strangers move out, leaving house a mess; Nick has to deal with mess; landlady pretty much acknowledges condition of the house after messy strangers move out; landlady hardly ever inspects the house thereafter; eventually landlady moves to Queensland, elects replacement; replacement has never, ever seen the house or met us, the current tenants; replacement inspects the house, not knowing anything about its history; replacement complains. See how it can be frustrating? Heh. Anyway, we had to meet up with her and explain things, and thankfully we managed to sort things out. The replacement (who, while whingey, was admittedly caught in the middle and deserves some sympathy) actually empathised with us in the end. So it's all good now. God, that was a long and pointless story. Thanks for reading.

On Saturday night, Judi, Carol and I went over to Justin (aka Betina)'s house for his birthday barbie, which was a lot of fun. We got to meet a few of his mates from TAFE who did graphic design (yes, they're all a bunch of designers)... and we stayed there till around midnight, so it was a really good night all in all. The following day we headed to a Chinese restaurant for dim sum lunch (you know what they say about dim sum -- you'll dim sum, and then you'll dim sum more!) to continue with Betina's birthday celebrations - and then we headed back to our new place for Stargate. At teatime, Justin's folks came by with a luscious and oh-so-fattening birthday cake, and we munched and sang the birthday song and listened to Christmas carols on the piano performed by yours truly, and it was a gay time had by all. In the happy-merry sense, of course. Of course.

That pretty much wraps up the key moments of the past ten days. Christmas is less than three sleeps away, and we're planning to have a nice Xmas lunch, Carol, Justin, Judi and me, together with our new friend Adam, from church. Nice guy. Tonite we're likely going to shop for food! Oooh hams and yams and stuffing and ... um.... puffing. Sorry. Tried to rhyme. Ah well... until next time!

Thursday, 15 December 2005

Random Sitcom Quote #13

"Jet ski. That's Russian for 'jet ski'."
- Karen, Will & Grace, "Dames At Sea", Season 6

Wednesday, 14 December 2005

Down At The Dean...

Hi, all! Wow, it's been a busy couple of days, what with moving all my gear from my old house in Pine Grove, Kardinya, to Dean Road in Bateman. But after a lot of hassle and lugging stuff to and fro, I'm finally settled in my new room! It's pretty big, much bigger than my old room and even bigger than my room back home in Malaysia...and the best part is, as I've mentioned, it comes fully furnished with a piano, which I'm totally hyped about! I've managed to set up a sitting area, like a living room within the bedroom, where I can sit down and watch telly or DVDs or wotever. It's times like this I wish I had a digicam. Or even a functioning regular camera for that matter. But oh well.

Still need to reactivate my broadband (or apply for a new one) since my new phone line doesn't have broadband installed. Yesterday (Tuesday) my computer decided to crash, so I had to go over to my good, reliable buddy Adam's place and get him to look at it (for the six millionth time in the three years that I've known him). Now it's working faster than before, which is great! Hehe! The rest of the day I spent with Carol and Judi cleaning up Pine Grove - good Lord, the place is a mess! We sure were pigs. Are. Were. Are.

Anyhoo, that's about all for updates; I'll try to put some interesting new pics up soon. But yea, between tidying up Pine Grove and tidying up Dean Road, plus two assignments still forthcoming for uni, it's been a madhouse. Still, on the bright side: housewarming parties, Christmas, New Year's. It's all very, very exciting. Here's to a great festive season!! xoxox Nick

Monday, 12 December 2005

Birthday Bashes, Movers and Shakers

Hi everyone, how's it going? Been a long and tiring week... although the weekend has been quite a blast! Let's start with the weekend first - on Friday, Judi threw her birthday barbecue bash, which was lots of fun in spite of a relatively small crowd of guests... but I suppose that's what made it fun, that the crowd was small and we all pretty much knew one another and it was a good time had by all, what with the abundance of food and overflowing of booze! Then on Saturday we started cleaning up the house (post party mess -- and also because we're moving to a new place! more on this later)....

Then on Saturday night, my good mate Alex (heeey Alexx!) threw a birthday spa party, which Judi, Carol and I went to. It was a blast hey! By the end of the evening, Judi and I let our inhibitions fly into the wind as we leapt (literally, drenching the crowd of partygoers) into the spa and let ourselves be bubbled and swirled and tickled and whirled! Funny story: at some point in the evening, Mel (Alex's beautiful wife and fellow Follow the Light performer!) reminded me that I'd forgotten to bring my keyboard, and because I'd hitched a ride with Judi, Mel and I decided to drive all the way back (25 minutes!) to Kardinya where I live to pick it up. So we drove all the way in Mel's van (accompanied by Sean Roda, a great dude, yo Sean!), and we pretty much cruised all the way back to my place -- only to discover I'd left my keys in Judi's car and hence we couldn't get the freakin' keyboard after all! We even tried breaking in (gawd, think of the explaining I would have had to do!) ... but to no avail. So we drove back, laughing at the hilarity of it all -- and proceeded to get wet in the spa. Fun fun fun!

Today (well, yesterday - Sunday) was both Judi and Alex's official birthday... yea, they share the same birthdate, 11th Dec ... and so after church this evening Judi and a small crowd of us (Justin, Chris, Jade, Josie, Raymond, Adam and meself) headed to Hungry Jack's for an innocent dinner... only to surprise Judi with a birthday card and a merrily pink ice-cream cake! Haha! Yea, it was the kids' birthday deal :P ... but it was lotsa fun, and we all got to gorge ourselves on ice-cream cake, overfattening burgers, onion rings and chips!

Today also, Judi, Carol and I spent most of the day moving to our new house (just down the road, three dysfunctional minutes away) - it's a much bigger place than our current home, it's fully furnished (overfurnished, in my opinion, hahahaa) and I've got a big family-sized room at the back complete with piano - so I'm super happy. Yaay!!! Think of the good times in store - Christmas carolling, karaoke-ing, tunelessly wailing - I can't wait! :/

Well, it's been a long, long tiring day, so that's about all for this post - sorry for the abrupt ending, hehehe - but as soon as we get settled into this place we'll try to take some pics or something, show it off. Meanwhile, we're thinking Christmas party, housewarming party, New Year's party, etc etc... so it looks like there's a lot of enjoyment in store! I'll keep you guys updated, heheh! Alrighty then, until next time -- bye!! xoxoxx

Sunday, 4 December 2005

Love it. Love it!

Click for bigger view

Bored, Barbies & Bleargle

I need a new project to work on. That's the thing about me, I just have to keep going. Today (despite having two assignments remaining for uni), I don't have much planned on my plate, and I'm feeling fidgety and restless and a little bit bummed out. I've got these ideas in my head which I now have to start developing... and hopefully something comes out of them...

Idea #1: The Other Person - a musical about a couple who are madly in love...except she has a kid out of wedlock that her boyfriend doesn't know about. And her boyfriend doesn't like kids. So when she has to have her son back in her life, how does she deal with it? How does he deal with it? A two-and-a-half-person cast (i.e. two adults and a kid) and some emotional scenes makes this story (for which I've written a draft) quite an appealing one for me to stage, but I'm wondering how appealing it would be to the audience. Hmm. We'll see.

Idea #2: The Cast Party - A musical about a cast party held after the closing night of a musical. Complete with all the elements of the usual cast party: bitching, backstabbing, wild sexual antics, admissions of love, drunkenness, diva antics, drugs, loud music.... with a twist at the very end of the story which I won't give away right now. Fun fun fun!

Idea #3: The Box a.k.a. Stuck - I'm quite excited about this one, but I'm not sure if it'd work as a musical or as simply a play, but it's about four strangers who are trapped in an elevator during a blackout. So the staging is really quite simple: four people performing in a limited box. As time goes by, they contact their friends, family (who all appear outside the box) and learn more about each other. Looking quite forward to developing this one, actually! Yay!

Meanwhile, what else can I work on? Oh, a second book for the Get Spooked! series, I suppose, which I've been long delaying. And yesterday I also thought of the possibility of writing a series of songs dedicated specifically to my close friends... with titles like Song for Judi, Song for Beatrice, Song for Brian, etc.... but the songs won't be necessarily about them, just dedicated to them. Would make a nice Christmas pressie I reckon. But of course Christmas is in, like, three weeks, so I doubt that's gonna happen. And we certainly will be embarking on a Follow the Light cast recording... just.... next year. Hopefully. *oy*.

Anywhoo. The barbie last night was fine, although I'm all meated out right now and can't bear the thought of eating anything but a salad. Bleargle.

Okay, until next time.... ~N

Saturday, 3 December 2005

And It's A Wrap!

And now it's all good. Y'see? Honesty is the best policy. Now we're friends, and the air is clear, and all's well that ends well. Now since XXX might have me on MSN, methinks I shall stop talking about it... ;)))

Judi just came home today with her self-bought birthday pressie: a new BBQ grill-thingy-whatchamacallit! Y'know, a barbie! Whoohoo! Set her back a few hundred, but yaaay, steaks and sossies for dinner tonite!! Can't wait. Right now she and Justin are setting it up. God, a barbie sure has many pieces....!

Okay that's about all for now! have to go buy rolls and onions. Oy. What a dramatic life.

Cheers, ~N

Thursday, 1 December 2005

How F*ckin' Revealing!

Nick's Unabashed Confession Of The Month:

For the past two months, I've been head over heels with someone from the cast. XXXX walked in, and I went "Hmmm". We chatted, and I was, like, "Interesting." And by the end of the audition, I was, like, "Oh, this is gonna be trouble."

Let me just say, quickly and firmly, that there's nothing harder than trying to maintain a professional stance within a working, director-actorial (yes, I made up that term) context when a part of you is just going "Will it...? Can it...? Shite, focus. focus." Even in the face of close friends who know about it telling ya,"Oi. Jackass. Get over it. Be. Professional." -- the mind just goes "Well. Who knows. Perhaps. Shite, focus. focus." :P

Anyhoo. Long story made shortish and undetailed, XXXX found out about my feelings on the final night, which made the cast party after quite awkward, given that i) I was embarrassed by it all; ii) I was overtly emotional already because of all that was going on productionwise; and iii) I was getting hell drunk. Smashed off me face. Not conducive to any emotion-based discussions, I felt.

So the cast party finished with no resolution, and yesterday, five days later, I finally picked up the phone to see if we could resolve it. We're meeting on the weekend. Gosh. Closure sure is long-winded...

To be continued, I guess.

It never does end, does it...?