Saturday, 29 October 2005

Postered and Press Released!

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Follow the Light - Press Release

This festive season, experience the story of Christmas in a fresh, exci­ting new way as young Perth performers take centre stage in a thea­trical pro­duction that reinvents “the most famous story in the world”.

Follow the Light is a contemporary musical written by Murdoch University scholar Nick Choo (script, music and lyrics), produced and performed by a talented company of local singer-actors, dancers and musicians.

Through 21 original songs that that range from punk, pop and rock to funk and emo­tive ballad, Follow the Light retells the Nativity story in a quirky, tongue-in-cheek but ulti­mately reverent way.

A smooth-talking angel tells a pious young woman that she is going to have a baby; a fraz­zled carpenter contemplates marrying someone who is to bear a child that isn’t his; a disgruntled trio of shepherds awaits for some­thing exciting to rid them of the drud­ge­ry of count­ing sheep; and three self-involved Wise Men pon­der the concepts of fame, fortune and glo­ry – as they all embark on a journey to­wards a destination far beyond their wildest imaginings.

Librettist, songwriter and co-director Nick Choo, 25, sees Follow the Light as an opportunity to remind people of the origins of the season in a manner that amuses and entertains, and believes that young audiences regardless of race or belief will be cap­ti­vated by this interpretation of the tale.

He says: “It is a show that explores relationships – between friends; between lovers; between man and greater forces; among family members – and the universal, essential themes of love, peace and for­give­ness that bind us all together in a time when hate, unforgiveness and turmoil are prevalent…all backed up by rocking electric guitars, pound­ing drums, soaring strings and terrific vocals.”

The cast of mostly twentysomethings includes David Bow­yer as the angel Gabe, Anne-Marie Manuel as Mary, and James Harley as Joe, as well as Janelle Mirabile, Rachel O’Rourke and Cameron Ryan. Follow the Light is directed by Catherine Mar­ti­nez and produced by Brian Liau & Judith White.

Performances will be staged in Nexus Theatre at Murdoch University’s South Street Campus at 8pm on Nov 23-26 (Wednesday to Saturday), with a matinee at 12:30pm on Saturday. Tickets are priced at $15 for adults, $10 for aged 15 and under, and $45 for a family of two adults and two children. For bookings, please call 0434 963 934.

Thursday, 20 October 2005

And the Light Burns (Out)...

Hi everyone! Wow, time surely does fly when things are chaotic! Yea, it's been nearly two weeks (more than two weeks? Less than two weeks? I can't be bothered referring to the previous post now that I'm on this 'create new entry' page) since my last update, and it's all because of the much-mentioned Follow the Light, which has certainly opened my eyes to how demanding putting on a production can be. There are so many aspects to be covered such as publicity, set design, costuming, sound, lights, musician rehearsals, cast rehearsals, script analysis and blocking, choreography -- that it's all driving this poor boy (namely me) a little bit loony. Couple that with the fact that unfortunately most of the people in the production team are volunteers and who don't necessarily have a great amount of experience - and you get the current situation I'm in: surviving on four hours' sleep and with a constant throbbing migraine threatening to drive me to the brink of tears.

However! Before anyone tells me off for overexhausting myself, let me tell you: you will soon bear a chi-i-ild! Sorry, that's a line from the show. Anyways. Let me tell you: I've already been warned. Told off. Advised, rather. ... I should try to chill a little bit, it's all good, there's five weeks to performance week and everything will be okay. Allow me now to quote what my dear friend Cheryl emailed me (thanks so much Cheryl! xxx) - just a segment from her response after I'd sent her an email asking for some advice:

MAKE SURE YOU TAKE SOME TIME OUT FOR YOURSELF. Burning yourself out now will not leave you any energy reserves (that you will NEED) for during the show. If you crash and burn before or during showtime you will not enjoy the PROCESS or the end PRODUCT. Eat properly (not junk from uni), exercise regularly, get off the computer by 11pm to allow enough time to veg out (get up early if you have to finish anything), make sure your bedroom has a good atmosphere so that you sleep well (no going over scripts or direction notes in bed) and allow one day/night each week/fortnight where you do absolutely nothing in connection with the play. I know I sound like a Mum.... is it any wonder that that is what XXXX and XXXXX call me? lol...

Good advice, Cheryl. Good advice. I love all the highlighted bits in big block letters...

Today a cast member quit, which infuriates me to no end, but we'll keep going of course. In fact, in a way it is so much better that the person pulled out, because he/she wasn't being very committed to the project anyway, based on no-shows and convenient time away from the rehearsals. But yea, what the f**k is it with people who say they'll be committed and then start being unreliable to the point of not even discussing withdrawals with us in person?! God, it makes me mad. Absolutely no consideration to us producers and to the rest of the cast and crew, and it definitely reflects negatively on the prospect of ever working with him/her again. Thankfully the majority of the cast are a brilliant, dedicated, hardworking bunch -- y'know who you are -- who make the rehearsals just that much easier and more rewarding. Thanks guys.

Well, I'll try to update as often as I can, but this is proving to be increasing difficult, as you can tell. I will however put up info and the poster for the show very shortly so anyone who comes across this site can have a look and, if you're in Perth, perhaps go see the show!!! But until then, expect some silence from Nick... :) I'll try to be back soon. Take care, much love, and oh, the links to the files in the previous posts don't work anymore because of exceeded bandwidth. Okay, byebye! ~N

Wednesday, 5 October 2005

Mold, Gyrrh and Frankfurters!

Another Follow the Light tidbit for those who might be interested -- a downloadable movie clip of one of our first rehearsals with a newly-written song entitled Gold, Myrrh and Frankincense.

What happened was, I'd become dissatisfied with what I'd originally written in the scene where the Angel Gabe tells the Wise Men about what gifts to bring to the baby, and so on the day this clip was filmed, I'd just presented the new replacement song, and the guys had literally only just listened to it once before giving it a go. Hence, it's not exactly a polished performance, but I think it's a cool memento of our starting point! The dude with the glasses is Dave (he plays Gabe); the dude in red is Luke (a Wise Guy), and the guy filming it is Brian (whose voice you hear). The guy on the keyboard is (duh!) yours truly, of course ;)) ... and we do have a third Wise Guy, before anyone asks... he just wasn't there that day. =)

Anyway, you can find the file here - it opens up a new page and you have to click on another link to download the clip. The file size is a bit big (5mb), but if you've got broadband, that should just take a jiffy!

Alright, until later... peace out. ~N

White Cats and Drunken Fools

Hello all! How's it all going? Wow, another period of silence before an update, and fortunately for you all, I won't go on too much (heheh!) about the progress of Follow the Light, since it's going ... um.... moderately well. Rehearsals with the cast have commenced (we have a great team, including some stunning leads -- Mary and Gabe, among others, are goosebump-inducingly fabulous!), and I also started work with the rock band last Monday, so it looks like it's all kicking into gear! In terms of publicity, set-design and the like, there are still some difficulties -- one of them being a lack of a proper budget! -- but we're working it out. Tonite we got a little stressed out during a production meeting, but fortunately we managed to calm down. The girls just thought of certain boys in the cast, and somehow that cooled their brows. Hmmm. Weird. Oh well.

I think the funniest decision tonite was the name of our performing company, which we have decided to name White Cat Productions, following the last name of Judith White and the first name of Catherine Martinez. How cool is that? White Cat. Loving it!!

Last Saturday, after a rather lengthy but very productive rehearsal, Cat and I met up for a movie where we watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Didn't like it very much, personally...and Johnny Depp was just a little too Michael-Jacksonesque for my liking, but that's another story altogether. Then, in a burst of spontaneity far surpassing the likes of which we'd ever done before, Judi, Cat and I headed over to fellow cast member Brian's place, where we basically lounged about in his computer room/study-thingy and drank. Drank. Drank. And drank. Good lord, was that a mortifying night. Let's just say, it got messy. And I still have no idea how we got home. Mm. Shite, that was certainly fun. We need to do it more often, Bri! Apologies for your toilet.

Anyways, since we haven't done the downloading thing for a while, here's a link to one of the songs from Follow the Light, entitled They'll Call it Christmastime. A rough demo by yours truly, of course.... you heard it here first! :P

In another MMMMM Exclusive (that's the acronym of the name of this blog, of course!) - may I present an eternally damaging movie clip featuring Judi, Cat, yours truly and the voice of Brian (haahhaa! The Voice of Brian! That sounds funny!) during the aforementioned drunken party. Gosh, it's hilarious, the things people get up to when they're sloshed! I have absolutely no idea what was with my ... um... sucky... statement.... I blame the tequila shots. Yes I do. Anyway, it's rated M for mature content, so if these things bother you, don't download it, k?? =)Hahahaa!

Well, that concludes this week's update! Until next time... :)) ~N

Tuesday, 4 October 2005

Patience Is A Virgin...!!!