Friday, 29 July 2005

Funk, Fun, Feelings & Funerals

Hi everyone. Gosh, yesterday was an interesting day. Headed up to uni for meetings with my supervisor, and it's all falling into place now. This semester I've got a massive 12-point unit (those of you who are uni students will understand this), wherein I'll be writing, producing, staging and directing various aspects of my own original show. I've come up with the idea of... oh, I'll tell this to you in another post; that's another story, never mind. Anyway. So after that I had lunch with Sylvia (hiii Syllviaaaaa!) and Beattie (heeey Beeeteeeee), after which my mate Paul (yo Paaaaulll) joined us at the table and effectively killed all conversation. Good going, mate.

The afternoon was a sombrely interesting affair because I had to go to church to play at a funeral. Yea. The sadder part is that it was a funeral for a one-week-old baby. I won't go into details to respect the rights and privacy of the family, but it was certainly a very solemn and humbling experience, realising how short and precious life can be, and why, just maybe, I oughtta stop grumbling about little things that really aren't all that important, and seize the day. In the meantime, it was a little disconcerting seeing a tiny little coffin for a body that size - barely two feet in length. But all in all, it was -- as oxymoronic as this might sound -- a beautiful funeral. I have to marvel at the apparent strength of the parents; they were calm and collected throughout, and afterwards they even threw a small reception in the hall complete with trays of Subway sandwiches and six million types of dessert. So... yeah. 'Twas quite a day.

Halfway through the reception an elderly lady came up to me and said one of my songs (which was used in the funeral) made her cry. It made me stop to think that, God, that's all I really want to do: to write songs and to use them in a way that touches and moves people, to trigger off some sort of emotion, be it happiness, hilarity, amusement, sadness or whatever. I guess that's why I love theatre: it's such a beautiful and effective medium to use music in a way that accomplishes just that: evoking (and at times, provoking) sentiment. Having said that, I wish the circumstances had been brighter for someone to say one of my songs made them cry, but I'm grateful and blessed, I guess, to have been able to write something that managed to accomplish something that's less than financial or material.

Thank you, God.

Alright, that's about all for now. Take care, all the best, God bless, and be good. Love and all that, Nick x0x0x

Thursday, 28 July 2005

Yaaay, Something To Listen To!

I'm proud to present a new song that I've recently recorded in my bedroom studio (well, just bedroom, not studio. It's a computer and a plug in desk microphone, so it hardly qualifies....) - but I'm particularly happy with this song (despite its somewhat sloppy mixing) because it's the first song my dear housemate and close friend Judi and I have written! Yaaay! Judi's the one who's in England right now (hope it's all going beautifully, Jooody!) and it's her thumbnail that appears on the right under the plug for my website (on which, incidentally, you can find more song downloads and stuff, at the risk of repeating repeating myself myself. And when I say it's Judi's 'thumbnail', I mean that in the webpage picture sense, not the anatomical finger-digit sense. Just in case I lost you there)!

Anyway, this song of ours is probably going to interest those of you who are churchily inclined, as we wrote it for St Thomas More, the church that we go to here in Perth. (By the way, Judi, I've introduced this song and the other one to the music ministry, and they like 'em! So sometime soon, they'll be used! Yaay! Moving back...) It's a really simple song, I reckon, because it's repetitive (the way many good churchy songs are), and it's simple to play too, because it only uses four chords (with a key-change for that oh-so-effective and necessary dramatic effect). Here it is (you need Windows Media Play to listen, k?):

Lyrics by Judith White & Nick Choo
Music by Nick Choo
(C) 2005

So please do check the song out, if you're so inclined... and if you could leave a message on the tag-board or email me to give me feedback (on the song, not its production, ahahaha!) I would be very grateful. In the meantime, please do enjoy, please do check out my website (there's that shameless plug again, I'm hopeless), and please don't do the things I've already done and hate myself for. :P

I end with this quote between a Catholic priest and a friend of mine, the exchange of which took place during the Band Retreat over the weekend:

Priest: Okay, I'm off now. Byebye. Be good!
Friend: We won't!
Priest (after a short pause): OK! (shrugs and saunters cheerfully away)

(Yes, that quote was pretty random and pointless. Not everything has to have a point, y'know.)

Bye!!! xxoxx

Wednesday, 27 July 2005

Random Sitcom Quote #10

Larry turns around and finds a cow standing in his living room.

Larry: Um - Balki...? you...have...a...moment?
Balki: It's the cow, isn't it?
Larry: Balki. When you came home with 300 pounds of garlic, I thought to myself, Oh well. Maybe Grandma likes scampi. When you said she likes fresh eels kept in the tub, I thought to myself, Oh well. I can take showers. But the cow! The cow...bothers me.

- Perfect Strangers, Bye Bye Biki, Season 3

Tuesday, 26 July 2005

A Late-Night/Early-Morning Post!

It's 4am on Tuesday morning and I just thought I'd write a quick update before beddybyes. Sunday was fun - was meant to be in church for the last day of the retreat at 9am, but y'know how it is with we nocturnal creatures...going to bed at 5am meant no getting up at 8:30am, thank ye very muchly! So yea, I rocked up to the retreat at 12pm but we still managed to get through all the songs, had lunch, tea and dinner all in all it was really great. Dinner was a bit silly, though. We drove to Spencer Village which is about 20 minutes away...and then everyone was undecided on what to eat, so we wound up at a KFC, which if you ask me was FCK'd because we'd travelled all the way!! Hahahaha! Well... 20 mins away is far when there's a KFC just down the road from where we originally were... :P

So I've been working on updates on my website, and I'm happy to report I'm mostly done with all the new additions, including info and song downloads for Captain Quokka, other new songs and more. So please, if you have a moment, do check it out: you can access the page by clicking on the link on the right with the floating arrow thingymajiggy - or, to make life easier for those who like to move the mouse as little as possible, just click here. Those who have visited before will notice changes from the first page (remember the garish yellow??) .... and it's the Music and Stage pages that have been updated the most, so please do check 'em out and view the photos and listen to the songs and whatnot...Would really appreciate it. :))))

Okay, bed calls to me, and it's looking real comfy right about now, so I'm gonna head off. Oh I was going to say, yesterday I headed in to uni for the first day of the new semester...and from this week onwards, I'm going to be working from home most days because I don't have anymore in-class units to enrol in... it's all focused on my major end-of-the-year project now, but I'll give you more info on it as and when it unfolds (you can bet your buttocks I'll give you more info on it!) So until next time, take care, sleep tight, don't let the bedbugs fly your kite, good niteeee! byeeeee! xoxox

Sunday, 24 July 2005

Updates As Of Now (Totally Inspired Title)

Hello. How's it going? It's been a pretty interesting weekend for me... yesterday (Friday), my dear housemate Judi left for England (that's her on the right, that cute tiny little thumbnail picture underneath the bio box) ... her sister's getting married in London (yes, I know, the timing is a little scary, all things considered), so she and her family took off to the good ol' Kingdom yesterday on a redeye flight via Singapore. So yea, she's gone for two weeks, meaning it's just Carol and me at home. :) hehehe. Weh! <--- that's our "duck call". We go to supermarkets, stand in different aisles, and start calling out for each other: "Weh!" "Weh!" "Wehhh!" "Weeeh!" while all the shoppers look around in perplexity and utter confusion.

Yesterday and today (Saturday) ... - well, it's gone past midnight so it's really Sunday now, but y'know what, who cares...? :P - I've been going to a "retreat" of sorts down at my church in Bateman, wherein we (the rockin' church band: singers, drummers, guitarists, bassist and moi on the keyboard) have been going through each and every song in our "repertoire". Two days, and we're only up to "I". Y'know. Songs that start with "I". Like, I Believe. And I Live To Know You, Lord. "I". At one point we were stuck on NickSongs because I've written four songs for church entitled For Me To Live Is Christ, For the Likes Of Us, Forever and Friend of Sinners. Oy. It was quite interminable, that one. Anyway, the "retreat" goes on until end of tomorrow, so it's been a good weekend. After the session today, a bunch of us had dinner together, which was nice and good, and reminded me a lot of how things were like back when I first joined the band in 2002, where social gatherings were more frequent. Somewhere along the way the dinners and stuff grew more sporadic (actually, I just got too busy to hang out after services, haha!)... so yeah, it's good to be doing non-churchy stuff as a group again.

One of the things we talked about is a proposed CD that we're planning to record by the year-end, so I'm very excited about that. As some of you might know, I've written 12 songs for church now (the last time I counted it was eleven, but now it's an even dozen), so while the CD won't entirely contain my songs, I'll still be largely contributing to it. If it pans out, that is. God willing. Hehehe. God willing. That's almost a pun. In the meantime, I've been reworking my website (see the Nick's Page link on the right, with the floating arrow thingymajiggy) and over the next few days I'll be revising & updating pages and putting up new song links and stuff, so that you can download more demos of churchy and non-churchy songs. I've also reworked the Stage Productions pages, so if you're interested, do check 'em out, I'd be greatly appreciative if you did. :)

Okay, that's all for now, 8am start tomorrow (well, later today), so it's off to beddybyes for me! Take care, be good, and don't do the things I've already regretted doing. Cya! xoxox

Thursday, 21 July 2005


...a list of declarations.
10) Music played seemingly softly is often much louder outside of its immediate sphere of audibility.
9) Wearing a shirt with Chinese lettering on it looks cool if you're not Chinese, but makes you look bloody Chinesey when you are Chinese.
8) Wet toilet seats are uncomfortable.
7) Being head tenant in a household sucks. And I don't mean 'sucks' in the good way.
6) Four-bean-salads in a tin are totally underrated.
5) ADSL Modems are surprisingly flimsy and prone to breakage when a chair with an 80kg person in it presses forcefully against it.
4) Marmalade on fruit toast is sweeter than marmalade on regular bread.
3) There is such a thing as a quarter-century crisis, and I think I'm going through it.
2) Money is the root of all evil. And I don't mean 'root' in the good way.
1) A good cointreau on ice goes a long, long way.


Monday, 18 July 2005

What's It All About? (Reprise)

Hello world. How's everyone doing? I'm feeling slightly bummed meself - i don't know why, I guess it's just the time of the year. Just got home from a delicious dinner with Judi, Josie and Justin (or Triple J, as I call 'em) at Justin's place: we had a yummy soup that Justin's dad made, followed by an equally yummy tuna pasta main course and chocolates for dessert. Mmm.

Judi's going away to England this Friday for her sister's wedding, so last Saturday we had a little piss-up to say "bon voyage", which was pretty fun except that I missed out on most of it because there was the final performance of Annie to contend with. It went really well, and at the end of the show we got a little plastic recorder as a souvenir. Yes. A little plastic recorder. Go figure. Mmm. Oh well. Memorrrieeeesssssss.... like the corrneerrrrs of my miiiinddddd...

Anyway, I did a silly thing today. Now for some strange reason, I have my broadband modem on the floor (don't ask). Well, in a moment of stupidity I moved my chair back - and crushed my modem. Yes, it's that flimsy. So I thought, Oh dear, please let it be okay - picked it up, and heard something rattling about inside. Well, long story short, I'm back on a dial-up temporarily. Oy. Life. Grr. Arrgh.

Alright, enough griping. I'm feeling really grumpy and gripey, so I'm going to stop writing now and just... I don't know. Veg out futher, I guess. *sigh*. Life. Fed up. Okay byebye for now. xxx

Friday, 15 July 2005

Today - A Politically-Charged Rant

Somebody posted this comment in the last post on this page (which, now that I've typed this, has probably moved to the archives) - non-Malaysians might find this really dull, but those of the homeland might be interested:

First of all, are we (the non-bumis, that is) really to believe that the government will abolish or tone down the New Economic Policy in the near future? We must be realistic, if you have the right to buy a property at a discount and have scholarships for your children, would you let go of these rights? With Chinese population dwindling in Malaysia, what needs to be done depends on the Chinese themselves. There is nothing wrong with the brain drain. In fact, we should encourage our children to move to Singapore, Taiwan, China etc. if we disagree with Malaysian government policies that are based on race and religion.

When it comes to the matter of the dwindling number of Chinese Malaysians, we should talk about quality, not quantity. We should resolve why the Chinese-Malaysian population is reducing. Official figures have more than one million Chinese Malaysians emigrating over the past 25 years. Why did they emigrate? I am sure the government knows. Straight A students can't get scholarships or university places. Nothing new, it's been that way for the past 35 years. Nowadays, even enlightened malay Malaysians are speaking up on this injustice. The MCA and Gerakan? Busy making money from private colleges. What's so great about having TAR College or Utar which took more than 35 years of begging? Why should it be so difficult to set up an independent university when we have scores of public ones? While we push young talented people away, other countries notably Singapore, the US and Australia welcome them with open arms. Is it logical that we drive away our young talented ones and then invite retired Mat Sallehs to live here and exploit our low-cost of living?

Singapore's success in particular owes much to these ex-Malaysians or their descendants including Hon Sui Sen, Goh Keng Swee, Goh Chok Tong, just to name a few. About 30 percent of top management in both Singapore's government and corporate sector are ex-Malaysians. We export them so that Singapore can compete with, and then whack us. Korea and Taiwan, both way behind us in the 70s and 80s are now way ahead. Thailand is breathing down our necks.

Sadly, there is just no integrity in the nation's leadership.

First of all, I do not wish to debate the content of this post because everyone has his or her own opinion, although personally I'm less perturbed by the issue than this person seems to be. Everyone has a right to an opinion, especially on issues religious or political in nature. What irks me is the pathetic action of the commentator who clearly didn't have the guts to post his or her opinion in a current post (not like it would have been relevant anyway!) and instead attempted to be surrepetitious by posting the comment in an older post; and also the sheer gall of posting such a politically-opinionated item just because this blog is run by a Malaysian dude. I wouldn't be surprised if this chicken-shitty person went around posting this on every Malaysian-owned blog he or she could find, hoping that, in some twisted way, the propagandic message would get across: "No integrity in the nation's leadership", says the moron who goes under the name of "Malaysia is no future country", which isn't even gramatically correct. What a buffoon.

You know what the funny thing is? I bet this person is someone who lives in Malaysia and doesn't have the guts to practise what is preached. Honestly, if you don't like it there, get the hell out. Go to Singapore or China or Taiwan or wherever, as long as it makes you happy, dude. I know it's ironic that I'm saying this while being away from the country, but just because I'm not in Malaysia doesn't mean it's not home. At the same time, I look at Perth and I call it home too. Who has decreed that a person cannot have more than one home at any given time? It's all about the love for the place: if you love it, it's home. I love Malaysia. I love Australia. Home.

Now, I say this to people who are in Australia as well - those of foreign nationality who come up to me and gripe about how "Australians don't understand us" and "we hate it here" - not happy here? Don't be here. Why complain about it? And while we're on the topic, if anyone thinks Australians misunderstand them, it's only because they haven't made any attempt to be understood. Teach, but don't preach. Assimilate and branch out into different crowds, don't just hang about with the same people because it's comfortable. But that's another story, I guess. Moving on.

Bottom line is, to the fool who posted the anti-Malaysian comment: if you don't feel like Malaysia is a welcome place to be, you're probably not welcome in Malaysia either. Same goes for any other country. It's a privilege to be where you're at. I'm very lucky to be where I am. Be grateful for what you've got, not what you've not got. It's a convoluted statement, but it's poetic, and it's words -- I believe -- to live by. Okay, that concludes my rant. The end. Much love, Nick, Malaysian in Australia - proud of both.

Thursday, 14 July 2005

Aaaaah!! Panic Attack, Asian Food, Friends and Frankenstein!

You know what I've just discovered? That uni resumes July 25th. That's in less than two weeks. I've only just handed in the final assignment for Semester one, and Semester II starts in less than two bloody weeks. I can't take this! I'm going mad! Too much work! Too much pressure! Not enough free time! Aaahh!! Shrieeeek!!! Weeeehhhh!!

Okay enough of that.

Yesterday I met up with Dave again, and took him to Taurus Hawkers, which is this Asian restaurant (or rather, food shop) that serves some of the best and cheapest Asian food in Perth. We ordered the fried kuey teow and fried beef noodles, both large, which amounted to $8 per plate (which, for those of you back in Malaysia, is probably causing you to go wottttt??? with eyebrows raised higher than your consciousness) - but the portions were sooo big that the end of it, we were both stuffed and more well-greased than a newly-serviced automobile. A funny moment was when we were about to order and Dave goes, "you order for me. I'm not sure if I can pronounce it." The joke, of course, was that he had the fried beef noodles. HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA! Okay it's not that funny. Y'had to be there. Really. You had to.

Well, Dave's gone back to Canberra now, but all in all it was great. It's always cool to meet up with old mates and, especially in our case, just fall into regular conversation without awkwardness or anything, almost as if we'd been hanging out on a regular basis. Which we hadn't. Not for six years, as I've mentioned. Hooray for old friends! Hooray for new friends! Hooray for friends in general!! :)

Anyway, I'm gonna go clean my room up for the first time in yonks, and then maybe settle back with a good book (I'm currently reading Dean Koontz's Frankenstein, book one), or maybe a few reruns of a sitcom or cartoon, I don't know, we'll see. That's about all for now. Until next time, ciao babies! xxox

Tuesday, 12 July 2005

Old Schoolmates, Perth Bands & Zombie Dogs

Heyo boys and girls. How's it all going? I had a good time yesterday - met up with my mate Dave (my mate Dave...? isn't that a movie or a song or a band or something...? anyway)... met up with my mate Dave from Sydney back when we used to go to school together - and had a real good time doing nothing much but catching up, which is usually what you do when you haven't seen someone in a long time. In this case, it's been six years. Six years! Good heavens! Yea, we had lunch at Applecross and basically just drove around to Freo and all over the place mostly catching up. It's amazing when you catch up with someone after half a decade how little has happened, honestly. He says: "So what's new?" I go: "Ummmmm" -- longgggg pause. Heh!

We ended up at Little Creatures in Freo where Dave was rather overjoyed at being in the actual brewery where LC Pale Ale is made, taking photos left right and centre at the giant brewing turbine-thingies (whatever they're called) that fill up most of the building. Good times. Most of the time we looked back on life in a regimentative (regimented? regimental? regimentational?) high school in New South Wales, living in an (*oy*) all-guy boarding house. Dave and I got into trouble heaps because we were real rebels. Well, I was; Dave was usually just there whenever the proverbial shit hit the fan. The boarding-house master used to either say, "He just pulled a Nick Choo" or "he just pulled a David Naylor" whenever something bad happened, which was frequent: late-night wall-shaking music; food disappearances from the pantry; breaking of rules and regulations whenever we could. It's a much much more complex story than I care to tell at this point. Let's just say that for five years after, I wasn't considered a former student of the school, until I apologised last year and now I'm officially back in the alumni. Yipes. Good times! There's more to Nick's former years than meets the eye, aye? Hehehe.

Anyways. On a totally different note, one of my interviews for my journalism project has been featured on, so I'm pretty pleased, even though the formatting is a bit off. You can find the article by clicking on 'Interview With Soviet Valves' on the site's opening page - or, to make life easier, simply by clicking here. Also, for those who were curious about the "zombie-dog" story mentioned in my previous post (did you read about the sheep?!), click here for the article (thanks, Ad, for the link!) Okay, that's about all for now. Until next time, xoxox

Sunday, 10 July 2005

Lemmings & Sheep!

Gawd, sometimes the news you read online can be most bizarre. My mate Adam once posted something about Zombie Dogs - i.e. scientists killing dogs (bastards!) and then bringing 'em back to life in what was touted as a "major possibility for the future of humankind" (sheeesssh). I can't remember what the link to the article was, so I'll post it up as and when (and if) I can relocate it. In the meantime, more oddball news has been reported, also involving animals. In true purportedly mythical Lemming spirit, more than 1,000 sheep followed their leader off a cliff to their deaths. Well, 450 of 'em died... the rest were cushioned by the wool of the deceased. Bizarre? Definitely! True? Apparently. Click here for the Yahoo! news link. Surreal. ~N

Quick Drunken Update: Q & A

Hello everyone! It's 330am and i'm quite pissed right now (i.e. drunk like the good ol ' beaver) so pardon me if my post isn't very coherent or accurate typing-wise. Oooh I've just sneezed eight times in a row, that can't be a good sign. Anyway. I've just spend time catching up with my good mate Quentin (of digicam fame, for those of you who have been following the blog) ... and we've been drinking and chatting which has been fun. Earlier my housemates Judi and Carol, quasi-housemate Justin and "visiting" housemate Josie were all here sharing in the fun and excitement of vodka and organe juice. Organe juice?!?! Orange juice. Jeeezzzz! (yes i could easily have retyped that typo, but honestly, it was much, much funnier this way)....... quentin's a really cool bloke who recently dyed his hair red. He's scary that way. We took a drive (not quite so drunk at the time) into Fremantle and wound up buying shite pre-packed food at a petrol station, but that's not really exciting news. Anyway....

Earlier tonite I played in a very very tight and well-executed performance of Annie down at roleystone theatre, and a little while into Act II, I discovered I desperately needed to visit the Little Boys' room (read "toilet", for the lesser comprehensive). Let's just say, a show becomes quite the torture chamber when you've got to sit at the keyboard and play while you're frantically holding it in praying with all your might for the show to move on at a faster pace, sing those blasted songs more quickly, damn you!!!, squirming and trembling with legs crossed in the cold blustery night. fun fun fun fun fun. Okay, I should stop now and go to bed, tipsy as i am. Byebye for now! Hugs and kisses and best of wishes, ~N xoxoxox

Friday, 8 July 2005

Humping Doggy-Style

Boy, am I chatty today. Actually, I'm doped up on cough syrup (see post below). Hahahahaa! No, I'm just kidding. Kinda. Anyway. My mommy back home tells me that lately, my doggies have been getting frisky with each other. The strange thing is, Jodie - the older doggy - and Chloe - the younger doggy - are both girls. Bitches - pardon my french. To read up on my original postings about young Chloe's arrival, click here and here.

So yeah. Chloe recently became a grown-up dog (i.e. she started to have her twice-a-year cycle, twice a year! Do I hear sounds of pity/envy??) and for some strange reason, Jodie has begun to exhibit tendencies of mounting behaviour. For those of you who find that description too vague and clean, let me rough it up for you: Jodie's been humping Chloe. Y'know. Humping. Like male dogs would. Climbing and all that. Um. Yes. Mm-hmmm. This has prompted my parents and my brother to (rather aptly but also rather daftly) wonder if dogs can be lesbians. My neighbours, I've been told, have similarily observed the girl-on-girl activity and have questioned the sexuality of these two feminine canines. So what to do? How now, brown cow?

Well, I looked it up online, and this is the saddening truth that I discovered. This is a passage from a website called Barry's Place - and I apologise beforehand to the author for stealing this portion without his permission (to check out the full article, click here) - and he says:

The first obstacle to understanding and dealing with the mounting is to be assured there is nothing sexual about it. The second obstacle to dealing with this type of behavior is the rather prudish sensibilities of many humans. If you feel a bit embarrassed, or some folks that are with you feel embarrassed by the mounting, what you need to keep clear in your mind is that this is absolutely natural communication of a non-sexual nature, and the dogs are not the least embarrassed or apologetic about it! You have to do what you feel you have to do, but after being around dogs for a long time, mounting is no more startling a behavior than barking or eating. So you need to keep human interpretations and sensibilities out of the matter if you are going to see it for what it is: ... one dog's attempt to test whether it is the boss.

You can think of it as a way for that dog to say to the other, "I'm the one who makes the decisions and will tell you what to do." In reality, however, the mounting behavior is really a sign of insecurity. The mounting dog is really saying something more like, "I'm the one who makes the decisions and will tell you what to do -AREN'T I...? (Hope so!)"

It is actually the other dog that answers the question and establishes the relationship. So if the mounted dog objects and turns and growls and pushes the other guy off regularly, the answer is "The hell you are, buddy!" If the other dog tolerates the mounting with little objection, and seems to be intimidated by it, then the answer is, "OK, whatever you say, boss."

However, many times the mounted dog will do little or nothing, often allowing the mounting but occasionally objecting, and will seem very uninterested and nonchalant. In this case the dog being mounted is not acknowledging the other dog's claim to leadership, but is A) Either very secure in her place, confident, and therefore not threatened, or B) couldn't care less.

This I found saddening because it means poor Jodie has been feeling insecure about her position as the doggy leader, which she should be, given that she's been with us five years, is the older and more mature one, and has always been given priority prior to Chloe's arrival. Now Chloe, you understand, was an absolute cutiepie of a pup when she got here, so naturally Jodie wasn't too pleased and wasn't very friendly towards her. Now that time has passed, Jodie has become more accepting of Chloe's presence, but this current mounting behaviour demonstrates that despite being amicable, she is less than certain about her role in the doggy hierarchy.

Part of the problem is that from the beginning, Chloe has been spoilt: see the toys awarded to her from day one (in the previous posts linked above). Chloe sleeps indoors, while Jodie out. Chloe eats twice a day, while Jodie once (although this has more to do with age than anything else - the bad thing is that we tend to feed Chloe in front of Jodie while Jodie goes foodless). During regular dinnertimes, Chloe gets fed first. And my dad, whom our dogs have always respected most in the family due to his strict and standoffish attitude towards 'em, pays Chloe more attention. So can we blame poor Jodie for feeling uncertain and wanting to demonstrate some sort of leadership and dominance over the little one? No, I think not. Poor Jodie. *sniffles*

Well, according to Barry and other doggy experts out there, the best way to end this mounting behaviour is to let them go ahead and - mount. In the doggy world, it's a conflict-resolution tool (gosh, if only Public Relations in real life worked that way. Actually, scratch that. Erk.) - so if you imagine two people trying to negotiate an issue, it's best to let them work it out instead of stopping them. By trying to pull them apart each time, it apparently prolongs the "process" of negotiation and hence leads to a longer overall period of mounting behaviour. Unless, of course, it's a social thing (e.g. there are guests - especially kids - in the house!), or if the dogs get real aggressive - then you should intervene. So they say.

In the meantime, I've told my mom: give Jodie more attention. Feed her first. Don't feed Chloe in front of her. In fact, professionals say the best way is to give the spoilt dog attention in private, away from viewing gaze of the insecure doggy. So yes, that's what we do. Jodie has always been a loyal and loving pet, and, sappy as it sounds, it makes me go :( to think of her being :( and "threatened", as it were. So we shall fix this. Yes, we shall!


I conclude, for those who can't be bothered checking out the original puppy posts, with the above picture of Chloe, one of my favourites (she's apparently a lot bigger now, though I wouldn't know, I haven't seen her since January, sigh!). Ummmm. There's one of Jodie in the original posts, but.... um.... you have to go there to see it. Man! Even on this blog she's neglected. And I wonder why she succumbs to humping. I'd hump too. And I have. Oh all right, here's that photo of Jodie too. Ironically, that photo shows her glaring unhappily at the little 'un. Oy.


Don't forget to scroll down to read the other new posts that I've put up today!! Bye for now. ~N

Mix 'N' Match!

Okay, now that I know how Blogger's new image-linking facility works, let's upload pics just for the heck of it! Hey, I know, let's play a game: match the pictures to the captions below! Ready? Here we go!
  • Close-up of my friend Mel as the Ninja Turtle from Captain Quokka
  • Perth popular author Anthony Eaton, winner of the WA Premier's Award 2005 for Young Adult Fiction, whom I interviewed
  • Pete Underwood of Perth band Pete Stone and the Assistance, another interviewee
  • Nick playing the keyboard at an event
  • My mate Clinton, part of popular Perth band Soviet Valves
  • The set of Capt Q
  • My mates Paul and Steve as the swordfighting pirates
  • Perth cartoonist Shaun Salmon of All Our Yesterdays fame
  • Close-up of Crab Eyes from Capt Q
  • Steve K and Steve B from local punk band Drunk in Japan

Don't forget you can view full-sized photos by clicking on the images above. Have fun!! ~N Special thanks to Andrew K and Carol C for the pics.

Prayers, Peppermint, Photos and Puppies

Hi, all. Oy, what is the world coming to? I don't wish to burden people any further with news that's already been reported via every possible media outlet, but let's pray for the situation in London and for the people who have been affected by the terrible goingson there. I didn't think too much about the possibility of there being people I know involved in the terror until my friend Terry reminded me of our dear friends A & J (who live outside London and hence my disassociation) ... apparently A goes into London quite frequently, so...I hope you guys are safe and sound, drop us a line. God bless and much love, Nick.

On a totally different and lighter topic, I'm wondering if a week and a half of being sicky-like is a sign that I should go to the doctor's. Been having flu and cold and now a bad sore throat and cough, which hasn't been helped by the cough medication I've been consuming. Y'know, some cough syrups are bloody delicious. Methinks I've overdosed, which is possibly why i'm not getting any better. But what can I do, they make it so nice and pepperminty and licoricey, which is well and good when you like nice, pepperminty and licoricey stuff (my housemate Judi abhors it, and with a vengeance!). So I blame the manufacturers for my swigging cough syrup like chocolate sauce!! (Not that I do, but....y'know wot I mean). Disclaimer: At no point does Nick actually condone overdosing on cough syrup. Gosh. Wouldn't want the health and wotever authorities coming after me now, would I? Cue sarcastic statement from bored blog-buddy: "They won't read your stupid blog, Nick."

Anyhoooooo. Let's upload a photo just for the hellofit, since Blogger has put up this new image-linking device, where previously we had to load images onto sites such as Hmm. Let's see. What's a good pic for me to upload... oooh there it is, up on the right, a photo of me and the band from the kiddy musical Captain Quokka, which we staged about three weeks ago. I actually had a character: Al Caprawn. Caprawn. HAHAHAHAAH!!! Oh dear, the hilarity. Anyway, the image-loading thing works, as you can see. A bit blurry, but that might be the photo I uploaded. Oh wait -- you can click on it and it opens a bigger image! Wow! The marvel of it all!! That's me with the white band around me hat. Only because Al Caprawn was the leader... right up there with Corlione the Claw, Bugs Abalone, Don Giomanta and Eeliot Ness. Good heavens, where do we come up with these things...?!

Well, that's about it for now. Take care everyone, and like our good friend Betina always says, "Hug. Hugs are good." Hugs are good. Go hug someone today. Preferably somebody you actually know. Better yet, go hug a puppy. Hugging puppies brightens up everybody's day. Okay byebye for now. xxox

Sunday, 3 July 2005

The Third Wedding, And Other Stuff

Hi everybody! It's Nick here, with another snuffly, sniffly, sneezy and dizzy update on a life generally encompassed in boredom and punctuated by occasional moments of mediocrity. Well, it's been a rather interesting week being sick and fluey and having to finish off that blasted journalism assignment, which, at long last, is finally completed and handed in. Part One, anyway. I slipped it into the Assignment Box at Uni a day after it was due, but I signed the "date handed in" as being a day earlier, so if my supervisor were to ask, "did you hand this in late?", I'd tell him, "Nope, handed it in on the day it was due, but they must've only checked the box a day after that." Did that make a modicum of sense? It's basically called fibbing thru the skin of me teeth. Read the passage again and let me know if that made sense. I'm loaded on flu meds at the moment, so nothing seems coherent, and nothing really seemed coherent to begin with.

Yesterday I had a beautiful day (mostly): it was the beautiful wedding of our beautiful friends Chris & Jade. Congratulations, guys!!! After being engaged for a year, they finally tied the knot in a beautiful ceremony at St Thomas More Catholic Church, accompanied by yours truly on the keyboard, my good mate Jules (heeey Juleeees!) on the guitar, and my beautiful friend Chelsea (heeey Chelssss!!), who sang most beautifully despite having only had 45 minutes before the ceremony to learn the songs and practice. (That's not meant to be open, common knowledge, so you didn't read that). Actually, the thing was, my friend Janelle (heeey Janeelleee) was originally who I had in mind to sing, but she ended up having to work that day and so I had to find another singer. Everyone says Chelsea sang beautifully, though (I realise, of course, that this is the umpteenth time I'm using the word 'beautiful' in this paragraph, but my thesaurus is at the cleaner's). And Jade thought it was beautiful too, so.... sweet. Beautiful.

Anyhooo, the wedding was over, and then we had the reception at the East Fremantle Yacht Club, which was really nice too. Unfortunately I had to leave early because I had committed to playing for Annie at Roleystone and had to be there at 645pm. :( But that was all nice and good, so I'm not too upset about it all. Annie went really well, too. It happened that Friday was its opening night, but I was really a sicky Nicky then, so I had to pull out, leaving poor Bree (heeeey Breeeee) the musical director literally in the lurch. Um. No. Not 'literally'. Um. Yeah. Whatever. I couldn't let her down again yesterday, so I went. I know how it feels to be depending on someone to produce a good quality performance, only to have the person unavailable. I mean, if Jules or Chels had been unable to show up at the last minute for Jade & Chris's, it would have been devastating, too. I know there's a difference between a wedding and a stage musical, but the principle's the same. Basically.

Part of the fun of being at the wedding and reception was finally hanging out again with all my mates from uni and church, whom I've kinda been neglecting over this upsurgence of assignments recently. Lovely people like Geri and Phil, Jerolina and her new beau Steve, Berni (heeeey Berrrniii!!) who's back from Karratha, Beattie, Josie & Brett...they were all there, looking elegant and demure as we chugged down alcohol by the gallon and stuck little stars to our faces. I'll try to get some photos from the wedding and reception up here when I've got the film developed and scanned. Damn the fact that I don't have a digicam anymore. Ardent followers of the blog would immediately blame Quentin (heeey Queennnntin), who stole his camera back after I'd only had it for a year and a half. Damn it! Which reminds me, I really need to get the drum kit back to Beattie (heeeey Beatttieee) this week. Jeez. I'm terrible. I should never be allowed to borrow anything, ever. Everybody take note of that. The next time I'm drowning in a rushing river and in desperate need of rubber blowup floaties, don't let me borrow 'em.

That's about all for now! I was gonna type something about this bootleg copy of this brilliant Broadway musical that somebody put online illegally and I viewed, but I think I won't lest I be prosecuted. Or maybe some other time, when my baked beans on toast aren't turning cold and gel-like in front of me as I type. Okay, back to sickie-food. Take care, all, and keep safe! Love, sicky icky Nicky. x0x0xx