Saturday, 30 April 2005

Pour Out The Bacardi in a Tarnished Flute!

9:07PM - am commencing an evening of Bacardi mixers and good ol'fashioned television with my more-than-a-housemate Judi. The objective of this post: to see, as time goes by, how the booze affects my typing and what I say. Okay? Okay. So... yeah. This is an experiment in progress. Buh-bye for now! Will be back in a bit.

11:30pm - slightly tipsy. Just had a phone call from mummy back in Malaysia -- apparently the puppy Chloe (from earlier posts, check out January in the archives) got stuck in the bars of the front gate of the house. Poor thingy. :'( Did I ever tell you that five years ago, i lost a dog because she got caught in the grille in the front gate and broke her leg and died because of the pain involved??? Its so sad. But anyway. Enough of reminscing on bad times. Judi and I are watching The Sound of Music, having a gay ol' time. Have u ever tried singing along to Cliiiimb Everrrry Mountaaainnnn while drunk? It's fun!!! Anyways. Back to the movie. The Baronness and VonTrapp are on the balcony having a heart2heart. It's sooooooo sad. See ya soon.

12:34AM. The Sound of Music sure is a scary film. The bit where they're hiding behind the gravestones? Freaaaky-arse, I kid you not. Judi and I are more than slightly pissed by now. We've just haunted our other housemate Carol and her boyfriend Mark, whose birthday it was MAAA-ARK IT's YOUR BIRTHDAY! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAAAA-AAARK! Heheheeheheh! We're so pissed. It's so much fun. Now it's The Wedding Singer on video. Fun fun funf unfunf ufnufnufn. Byebye for now! lLarter!

3AM: The end of the evening. A bottle of Bacardi and half a bottle of Canadian Club, halfway thru The Wedding Singer and two episodes of The Nanny later, and we're ready to turn in. alright boys and girls, thus ends the night of drunkeness and laughter. Meanwhile, Carol, our other housemate, has had to put up with our tuneless singing all night long, high on a hill lay a lowly goatherd, layodelayodelayheeeehoooooooooooooooooooooooooooookay g'nite everyone!

Thursday, 28 April 2005

Today - A Couple Of Announcements:

A children's musical
Written & Directed by JENNY DeREUCK
Music by NICK CHOO
JUNE 7th - 11th
(7th-10th mainly for primary school kids, but general public still invited)

JUNE 7-10 SHOWS: 10AM and 12:30PM
For tickets, please leave a message, email me
or contact Cheryl Miller at 9360 2504
For a song sample, click HERE and then select
Download 'The Tragic Story'

ROOM FOR RENT (for those in Perth, clearly)
Interested, leave a message with your email addy on the tag-board
OR send me an email at

I'll place these announcements in the sidebar when my new posts start shoving this message to the bottom of the page. :) ~N

Wednesday, 27 April 2005

Whew! Captain Quokka Sure Is Lengthy!

Wow, it's been quite a week. Been mostly working on the much-mentioned music for the kids' show Captain Quokka's Adventures On the High Seas -- and good heavens, has it been a long process. Monday and Tuesday I spent most of the day at my good friend Miller's place (hiiii Millerrr!!) working on recordings and mixing and mastering, and yesterday was a record-breaker: we worked on the project from 11am yesterday morning until 3:45am this morning. That's more than 14 hours of recording work, baby! Then we had to burn 30 copies of the CD -- at 10 minutes per disc, it took 300 minutes (well done, nick, your maths skills are unbelievably accurate) to get things done - that's five hours, baby! Well, no, I lie. It only took around 2.5 hours because Miller has two computers and thus we were able to burn two cds at a time - but my point still stands... it could have been bloody five hours!!

In the meantime, I had to work on general annotations for the music so that the singers (i.e. the performers in the play) can read them as they listen to the songs. (By the by, the CD runtime stands at 79:57. Talk about filling up the space [a regular CD only has 80 mins]!) So while the CDs were burning I started writing the notes, but I had to get home before I could complete them since I needed my computer files. Anyway, by the time I got home, it was 43oam and I was exhausted, but there were notes still to be completed. Went to bed at around 630am and had to get up for a 9 o 'clock class, which basically meant I rocked up to class at around 11am instead and had everyone gawk and exclaim, "god you look a mess!" :P

Anyways, here's a big and very grateful thank you to Miller, who very helpfully sat through the tedious and painstaking process of hearing me sing and then having to put it all together. Much appreciated, doood! :))

Those of you who are keen on hearing a portion from the show, there's a link available on my other website for a segment from the song The Tragic Story Of One Young Jan Pierawiet; just click HERE and then click "Download 'The Tragic Story'". It's not a high quality file, but I think it aptly demonstrates the style of the show. Performances will be in the second week of June (will confirm dates), but if any of you are keen, please feel free to email me at and i'll arrange tickets. I'll also put up contact details later, should you decide to book tix yourselves. :) Cheers boys and girls! Catcha later - it's time for a nap now!! ~N

Saturday, 23 April 2005

Judi Judi Judi Judi Judi Judi Judi Judi BATMAN!!!

Harumph! In response to the narky post on the right in the notice-board thingimajiggy, I have decided to post this rebuttal. I do talk about you Judi! Harumph!

Anyway, yaaay! Judi's finally (finally) started her own blog! Yippee-ki-ai-ai-ay! Today I've spent hours (hours!) trying to teach her basic HTML so that she can start, y'know, posting pictures and links and stuff. Whew. More tiring than the composing work.

Hahahahaahah! (she just called me a "biatch". loveee youuu!)

But yeah, if anyone's interested to see what's up there on her site, check it out at! In the meantime, to make amends, I shall post a lurrrvely photo of Judi humping a tree. Oh wait, I've done that - see here. Somewhere at the bottom. Oh wait. That sounds wrong. Anyway, here's another photo of Judi and a tree. We'll call this the "before" shot... the "after" shot is in the link marked "here" above. :P

"My, Mr Tree, what a big, long, hard, thick trunk you have..."

Incidentally, Judi, this makes PHOTO #22 on this blog, mmkaaay???! That's around two and three-quarters of a photo per month over a period of roughly eight months. 2.75 .... that's a LAAARGE number, baby! So... y'know! Be happy! Some people! *tsktsk!* sheesh! Meanwhile, Judi's sitting next to me whinging about how "we're more than just housemates, we're sexless lovers!!"


To erectify this situation (erectify? I mean rectify. RECTIFY!) I shall make the ultimate sacrifice: the permanent fixation of a Judi photo on my blog for everybody's viewing pleasure! So ... *drum roll please*.... there you go! In the sidebar on the right, the lovely Judi White! Click on the pic to enlarge! When my other housemate Carol (who's standing behind me whacking me with her robe-rope thingy) starts whinging about her lack of mention, I suppose I'll be forced to exhibit her gorgeous ladyparts on my website too! HARUMPH!

buhbye. :P

Friday, 22 April 2005

I Oughta Get Paid...

Wow. Today I spent (well, yesterday, to be exact) approximately eight hours doing nothing but programming music into my keyboard for the children's musical I'm working on for uni. I promised the cast that demo CDs would be available by this coming Wednesday, but right now I'm not so sure if that's an accomplishable task... due to a lack of overtly sophisticated equipment, sequencing the songs takes about 2-3 hours per tune... meaning in the eight hours i spent today, from 3:30pm til about 12:30am, I only finished four songs. Another six to go. Gawd. And then I've got to worry about recording everything, and then mixing it, and then burning it onto CD... it's gonna be a tiring process. It always is. But lest anyone think I'm unhappy doing this - don't be mistaken. I love it. I love writing songs, especially for plays. And I love the end result, the performing of the music during a live show. It's the in between that's a little tedious and exhausting. To the exclusion of everything else - a social life, entertainment, even food (I've only eaten a can of soup all day) - it's the music. And in case you're wondering why I'm bothering to mention all this - well, a guy's gotta vent, doesn't he? :P

Cheers, ~N

Monday, 18 April 2005

Procrastination With A Captial Crasti!

Gawsh I'm tired. And no wonder... I've pulled an all-niter trying to finish this 3000-word essay on the importance of negotiation in public relations for organisations within a specific field. Not terribly exciting, but not altogether boring either, although I suspect it would have been less tedious had I prepared more for it in advance. Why oh why do we do these things to ourselves? I have a theory that people procrastinate because it allows them to justify whatever the end result, thereby making them feel comforted and reassured. Actually, it might be somebody else's theory. I think my friend Terry mentioned it at some point (hiii Terryyy!) But anyway, the theory goes, when you procrastinate in, say, writing an essay, the end result is likely to be one of three. If it turns out ok and you get a satisfactory grade, you can tell yourself, "Oh cool. I'm happy with that." If it turns out great and you get a really good grade, you can swell with pride at having accomplished that in spite of the last-minuteness of your efforts. And if it turns out bad and your grade absolutely stinks, you can at least tell yourself, "Ah well. It was an 11th-hour effort. I'll do better next time." Either way, it's win-win-win. Psychologically, at least. Pragmatically, having bad grades might not be a viable option. Ah well. Whatever. I'm sleepy. I'll end this quasiphilosophical rant now. Time for a power nap. Or a nap in general. Byebye!

Saturday, 16 April 2005

A Fishy Story...

Hi all. Sorry haven't been posting recently, I've been busy working on the music and lyrics for the upcoming musical I'm involved in, the children's play Captain Quokka's Adventures on the High Seas (I've mentioned this in one of my earlier posts below). It's been quite a blast, actually, working on this - the music, for example, has to be non-pop/rock and more classical/sea-chantey-esque, so it's been quite fun listening to examples of pirate songs and pirate-themed shows such as Gilbert&Sullivan's HMS Pinafore and trying to emulate the style. More interesting has been the process of writing lyrics. Gosh - pirate speak isn't easy! Luckily the internet is a great resource, and I've managed to pool a few phrases together; the trick is to put them into a coherent, rhythmic, rhyming verse now, hahaha! Here's an example of one of the verses from a song tentatively entitled Skipper of the Sturdy Barge (i kid you not):

Sing and heave and heave and sing
Heave and make the handspikes spring!
Reef the mains and man the sail:
See how Courage doth prevail!
Lower the plank and tie the cords
Jacob's Ladder down the board!
Holystone gripped in each hand:
Courage now has touched the land!

And then there's this lyric, taken from the tune entitled Brandy Poured Out In a Tarnished Flute:

Bring on the blackjack! Yea, serve the grog!
Drinks are the bounty that make us all agog!
Pour out the brandy in a tarnished flute
To go with a breakfast of boiled cackle fruit!
Show us the hogshead of fine bumboo --
A hundred gallons, enough for me and you!
With salmagundi, a scruptious spread
Before we're off and running to the head!

Now for some translations. Blackjack, grog, bumboo are (apparently) alternate words for booze (okay, we all know about 'grog', I'm sure, but bumboo? Really?) ... and cackle fruit is purportedly Pirate for chicken eggs! Salmagundi is apparently a pirate meal of meat and veggies, and the last word head, surprise surprise, is Pirate for toilet! :P

I've decided, just to make life difficult for everyone, to give the songs long and clunky titles, hahaahahaa! Actually, it's in the style of the old G&S favourites; for example, from The Pirates of Penzance, there's one called I Am The Very Model of a Master Major General (if anyone has the time and the means, look this song up and listen to it! It's absolutely hilarious and very clever for its time, no kidding!!). Anyway, other titles I've come up with for the songs in Captain Quokka are such as:
  • We Of Forward Thought But Sideways Mobility
  • The Many Protestations of an Ambiguous Blue-Ringed Octopus
  • Women We Are, In Clothes Of Utter Loathing, and
  • Quonfessions of a Queerly Quonflicted Quokka.

So there we have it! Fun, fun, fun! Elsewhere, I'm playing on puns with fish and seafood -- Tuna Turner, "for Cod's sake!", "for God's hake!", and "I'm in trouble, I can fillet." Good Lord. The horror, the horror!!! :P Anyways, more on the show as it develops...including ticket availability for those interested and in Perth. :) Until next time... sea you later!! *groaaaan* ~N

PS Totally off topic, but I just checked out that songwriting competition website, and my song is still up there, yippeeee! So those who haven't yet heard it, please do check it out here. Thank ye!

Monday, 11 April 2005

104.9 Weddings & A Promo!

Hi all! Well, yesterday was pretty fun. In the afternoon, headed up to University of Western Australia (that's UWA for those in the know) for my Masters supervisor Jenny deReuck's daughter's wedding. What the heck was I doing at my Master's supervisor's daughter's wedding, you ask? Um. Good question. Hahahaha! Actually, I played a very important role: I was (surprise, surprise!) the music guy! Haha! So yeah, once again, another wedding, another accompanist. Not like I'm complaining. It was a gorgeous wedding, held at the sunken garden at UWA, complete with flora, insectile fauna, bridge and duckpond. The bride and her party rode up in a horse-drawn carriage, I kid you not!

The highlight of the event was when the ring bearer, a cute little kid, dropped the ring, and it bounced off the rock ground and plopped right into the duck pond. Next thing you know, there were people on their hands and knees groping around in the murky water hunting for it, and all we could see from the musicians' vantage point were many butts in the air and a whole lot of amused and bemused onlookers. Funny stuff - definitely a story to tell to their kids and grandkids! In the evening, I headed over to Jenny's house for the reception, and had a grand time getting drunk on cocktails and other myriad forms of booze served up by my good buddy Scott (heey Scottt!). Awesome stuff. I even left with a free DVD of Muppets Treasure Island for my viewing pleasure and inspiration. Don't ask. It's a long and not particularly exciting story. :P

On a totally different note, I just thought I'd help by buddies Paul (heeeey Paul!) and Terry (heeeey Terry!!) promote the remarkable coincidence that they're both good buddies of mine and they both are deejays on on-air radio and they're both working for stations with the same frequency, and yet they're not even in the same countries! Heheh. Funny, that. Paul's on the breakfast show for the new Perth station 104.9 at 6am-9am weekdays; Terry's on the air on Red 104.9 in Malaysia (Klang Valley) from 7pm weeknights. So if you're interested, whichever country you're in, turn on the radio and have a listen to my mates yakkin' away! Great stuff, guys! :))

Saturday, 9 April 2005

Nick's Unabashed Confession Of The Month

Today I am about to admit to something immensely queer. I opened my mailbox to find, much to my greatest excitement, my ordered copy of Full House: The Complete First Season. Okay. There, I've said it. I was a major Full House freak growing up...and when I first heard it was being released on DVD (in the US), I leapt at the chance to get it, even in the face of cruel barbed laughter and taunts alleging that I enjoy corn and cheese too much (as in, corniness and cheesiness!). Alright, fine, FH was and is indeed an immensely cheesy show that was probably laced with homoerotic subtext - y'know the plot: three guys who live together to raise three girls (including the famous/infamous Olsen twins, who, at 7 months in the first season, were absolutely cute to bursting point) - but in my book, it was a heartwarming and very occasionally funny look at what might be described as probably America's most dysfunctional family - a family where hugs, kisses, heart-to-heart talks and proclamations of love were uttered in abundance every single episode, complete with Lessons of the Day and sappy sentimental music in the background prompting audience members to melt into puddles of TV-viewer-goo. A typical episode-ending conversation would be as follows:

DJ (the daughter): I'm sorry Dad.
Danny (the dad): I forgive you, Deej. I love you.
DJ: I love you too, Dad. (they hug)
Audience: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

It lasted eight seasons, it did. I think its strongest selling point was what most people deem its weakest: the overwhelming and unabashed sentimentality, and the portrayal of ideal relationship interactions in the midst of an unconventional and hence uber-contemporary family structure. Yes. Only I would've been fanatical enough to coin a hypothesis behind the premise of this sitcom. Sigh. You gotta love it.

Anyways, below is a link to purchase the DVD if you're interested. At its price (US$23), I'd recommend it, if only to just make you cringe at the immense outpouring of emotion that occurs multiple times within 24 minutes multiplied by 22 episodes! ~N

Post script: The link to my song on the Songwriting Competition website, found in my previous post, is still active as of today, and will probably be there all weekend. Check it out please! Ta.

Thursday, 7 April 2005

Featured & Millered...^^ and Random Sitcom Quote #6

Ooooh! I'm so excited, one of my songs has been featured on the Pacific Songwriting Competition website as a "feature artist" (beams widely!) ... it's one you might've heard before, but if you haven't or are just keen to check it out, the link is here! I think it might only be up for about 24 hours, so once we hit April 8 it might not exist anymore, sorry folks! Check it out! (PS Bugga, silly photo...) ;)

On another topic - hung out with my mate Miller yesterday, which was really fun. Miller has trained/is training (which one is it, Mills??? ahuahouahouheuoa) to be an audio engineer, and the guitar, drums, bass, strings and piano featured in the music clip are all thanks to his hard work and dedication. Unfortunately I had to ruin it with a lousy microphone and an even lousier voice, hahaHAAHAHA. Sorry!! But thanks for everything Mill, and y'know what they say - when God closes a window, He opens another door. :))

And I conclude with my random quote:

Fran: Brock's very in demand - they've even named a sandwich after him.
Maxwell: They have?
Fran: Yeah, the Brockwurst.
Maxwell: Oh my God, I've eaten him! He's good!

- The Nanny, Personal Business, Season 1

Wednesday, 6 April 2005

Random Sitcom Quotes #4 & #5

Joey: I remember the baby either wore ducks or clowns...I know, we'll flip for it!
Chandler: Okay, call it.
Joey: Heads!
Chandler (flips the coin): Heads! Yes! (A pause) We need to assign heads to something!!
Joey: Oh! Okay, we'll assign heads to ducks - because ducks have heads!
Chandler: What kind of scary-ass clowns came to your birthday?!?!

- Friends, The One With The Baby On The Bus, Season 2

(and I couldn't resist:)

Phoebe (looking at an adult magazine): Awww! Remember the days when you would go out to the barn, lift your skirt and bend over...?

- The One With the Joke, Season 6

Monday, 4 April 2005

Random Sitcom Quote #3

Jack: It's true, Karen! Our horse is gay!
Karen: Oh Jack, you think everything's gay! First Canada, now horse...!
Jack: It happens! I saw this documentary once on lesbian seagulls! (gestures to the front of his hair) They have really short feathers here... (gestures to the back of his head) ... and really long feathers here!

- Will & Grace, Whoa Nelly!, Season 4

Sunday, 3 April 2005

As My Good Buddy Anthony Says, "Be One With The Stars"

Today we witness (on TV, at least) the passing of a great man, his Holy Father Pope John Paul II. For many Catholics such as yours truly, he has been the one and only Head of the Catholic Church that we've ever known, and while his passing away isn't exactly unexpected, it still brings forth a deep sense of loss and sadness. May we unite and pray for his soul, that he may find peace in the God whom he devoted his entire life to loving and serving, and that he may find joy in Heaven where he no doubt has been welcomed with open angel-arms. :)

Below is a link to Yahoo's tribute to Pope John Paul II (thanks, Simon, for the link). It's definitely worth checking out if you're affected/interested/curious. It might take a while to load if you don't have broadband, though, so... thou hath been warnedeth. [Meanwhile, Mass this evening was no more solemn than usual. Odd, that. Oh well. I suppose it is a good thing to view everything, even death, as a celebration.]

Click to go to Yahoo's tribute


Saturday, 2 April 2005

Photos of Phools and other Phreaky Phings

Woot! Thanks to my good friend Miller for these pics of the Fools' Party! (God. Nick knows no shame.)

Image hosted by Oh dear. What weeeeere we thinking??

Justin (who, in a bizarre twist of events, was renamed 'Betina' for the night), in full-on French fittings...

The co-birthday-boy Chris and his fiance Jade, in an... um... intimate... moment...

The cast and crew of Pine Grove's Fools' Night.

Rightyo, hope you enjoyed that. I know I cringed.

This it totally off-topic, but in my post-drunken stupor, I had the freakiest dream. I dreamt I was with my cousins in my grandma's house, and one of my cousins (we'll call her 'A') was in the back room which is usually used for storage. In the back room, she was having a heated, irritated argument with -- nobody. Yes. I walked into the back room (in this dream) and there she was, yelling at nobody, and a deep fear filled me (in the dream) that she and her invisible friend were going to come after me next. Then I woke up, and thank heavens, it was just a bad dream. Or was it? I remember going back to sleep (or, perhaps, I'd dreamt I'd woken up and had fallen back to sleep) and I then dreamt that I met up with my cousin 'B', 'A's brother, and I told him about the nightmare that I'd had about 'A' having an invisible friend. Then all of a sudden I was with my brother and my mom in our car, and the engine wouldn't start, and I was yelling something about how we had to get out of there because 'A' and her non-existent poltergeist mate would be coming after us "in the final scene". (????) Confusing? Yes. Perplexing? Very. Nerve-wracking? Quite a bit.

Oh booze.

Y'gotta love it. ~N

Ooooooooh Tipsy!

Wow. The world sure is spinning now. Yes, I'm a little tipsy, ahahahahahaha... the thingy is, in conjunction with my birthday (which was the Thursday one week from the Thursday that just went past) and the birthday of my good friend Chris whose birthday fell on the Saturday following my birthday, we decided to throw our annual combined birthday bash around a week later, given that the Easter weekend took precedence of our Birthday Weekend this year around. Did that make any semblance of logic? My birthday was the 24th of March, Chris's was on the 26th; we decided to have it on the 1st of Apri, one week after Easter. Up to speed now? (Crap, I've got a toothache. I think I need to visit the dentist. Sigh.)

Anyhooo. So the party was tonite, and given that it was April Fools' Day, we had a theme: FOOLS' NIGHT. Yes, we all dressed up in our most ridiculous outfits: clashing shirts & pants, funny hats, the lot. I'm glad to say that the majority of us showed up in silly garb, and so it was a totally hilarious time had by all. I wish that my mate Quentin (hiiiiiiii Quent!) hadn't taken back his digicam, because it would have been great to have some "instant" photos of just how stupid the bunch of us looked -- but alas, he did have to take it back, so we don't have instant photos! *grr arrgh!* heheehheehehehee sorry quent. I love ya mate. ;)

So!!! I'm glad to report that this time around, the turnout was much better than my last disastrously-turned-out party (get over it, Nick); the booze was free-flowing, the company was excellent, and all in all, it was a grand time had by all. Right now I'm feeling as if the world's really spinning on its axis and threatening to chuck me into outer space like a remnant of projectile vomit, so I really ought to stop typing now and drink some water and go to bed. Still, it's been a while since I've enjoyed a good drunken party (see the archives for memories of other Inebriated Good Times - I can't be bothered looking them up for you to click directly on the links)... so... yeah! it's been fab! :))) Special thanks to members of the Band who showed up and who so willingly put up with the side of Nick that has thus far not been witnessed (i.e. the drunken, silly, non-musical Nick!) ... and special thanks to my close mate Justin who showed up with a handlebar moustache and a totally ludicrous French accent, all in keeping with the Foolish theme. Like my co-birthday-celebrant-buddy Chris's T-shirt read: the village called and left a message - they want their idiot back.


good times!!! ~N

PS more when I'm sober!!! *maybe!*