Thursday, 31 March 2005

Quokkas, Superstars & Random Sitcom Quote #2

Wow it's gotten chilly in Perth all of a sudden. :P Hi all. How's it going? Ummm what's been going on...? Nothing much lately; just been working on songs for a new musical that I'm involved with, to be staged in June. It's actually part of the aforementioned unit Children's Theatre (wherein we uni students put on a show for little kiddies)... see my previous post for my previous involvements with this course.

Anyway, this year's show will be entitled Captain Quokka's Adventures on the High Seas, and it will be uber cool in my opinion - it's got the fantastic theme of pirates -- and it basically will deal with good animals trying to battle against the evil pirates (or Pie-Rats, as they are called). The best part, of course, is that the music will be 17th-century-styled - meaning that I'm required to write non-pop/rock stuff, but rather classical-romantic-baroque-Gilbert&Sullivan-seachantey-type things. Good luck to me. :P Meanwhile, the team of musicians who will be working under me are mostly proficient in guitars, drums and bass. We don't need no freaking guitars, drums and bass in a pirate musical! Hehehe. Nah, it'll be good. I hope. Fingers crossed. Anyway, I'll keep you guys updated on dates and availability of tickets for those who're interested. It'll be a good show, I can assure you that, thanks to the amazing script by writer-producer-director (and my Masters supervisor) Jenny de Reuck. Entertainment guaranteed!

I've been watching/listening recently to one of the best stage musicals of all time, Jesus Christ Superstar by Andrew Lloyd Webber & Tim Rice. Great stuff - the last seven days of Christ's life written as a heavy-rock opera, from the betrayer Judas's point of view. Excellent stuff. There's a DVD available, based on the 2000 Broadway staging of it - but the music there pales in comparison to the 1996 London Cast Recording, which I think is the best ever!

In the meantime, my very good and talented friend Anita is involved with a production of JCS with her school, to be staged in May - tickets are going fast, but if you're in Perth and you're keen on dinner and a show, find out more about it here.

And finally I end with a random sitcom quote:

Will: "How on earth did you lose the dog?!"
Jack: "I don't know! We were playing fetch, and when I came back with the stick, he was gone!"

- Will & Grace, Mad Dogs & Average Men, Season 3

hahaahahhhahaaha!! ~N

Wednesday, 30 March 2005

Random Sitcom Quote #1

Monica: "Where did you get the monkey?"
Ross: "My friend Bethel rescued him from a lab that was going to do scientific experiments on him."
Phoebe: "Oh, that's so cruel! Why would anybody name their child Bethel?!"

- Friends, The One With the Monkey, Season 1

Monday, 28 March 2005

Of Church Songs & Downloads

Just in case any of you are new to this site, every Sunday, I play in a band during the evening services at St Thomas More Church in Bateman (here in Perth), with a group of very fun and very talented people. I've also been writing a number of songs that have been sung during Mass, and it's been such a joy and a privilege! (Incidentally, we're very contemporary; we're not so much hymnal as we are pop-rock. We move to the Groove of God. Okay, that's cheesy. I came up with that on me own. Moving on).

Anyways. Today I realised that I've written ten songs for church as of last week, and for that I feel very grateful that the band and the singers have been so helpful and willing to give these songs a go. That and the fact that these songs are for the glory of the Almighty; I'm very blessed to have been able to write these many. (wow, that statement was almost like a poem, wasn't it? Ummm. Maybe not. Rightyo.) The point is, obviously not everybody has had a chance to hear these songs, especially if you don't go to St Thomas More (or, y'know, you're not in Australia, ahahahahaheee). So I've uploaded them onto my supplementary site, where you can download rough demos (performed, unfortunately, by yours truly) for your listening pleasure/torment. If anyone would like to use these songs, please email me for more info. In the meantime, due to webspace limitations only some of the songs have been uploaded; as time goes by I'll include more, k?

May I present (in all humility, which probably isn't evident right now *sigh*):

Nick's Songs Used In Church
  1. Apostles in the Upper Room
  2. Come Holy Spirit
  3. Don't Be Afraid
  4. Forever - An upbeat one, used for openings or closings. :)
  5. For The Likes Of Us - Frequently known as the boyband song. Give it a listen and you'll see why! :P
  6. For Me To Live Is Christ
  7. He Is
  8. In Memory Of Me - My favourite of all that I've written, because of the words and the meaning behind it. Also submitted for the much-mentioned songwriting competition.
  9. Lead Us Home - This song brings back memories, man! Mainly because of the Great Fight of 2004 between my housemate Judi and me. One day I'll tell that story...
  10. Don't Be Afraid
  11. Praise Your Name

Click HERE to open the page, and you'll be able to click on the appropriate songfiles. Please do check them out; would appreciate your feedback, whether positive or otherwise. Don't forget that Each Moment is still available for review too! Thanks boys and girls. Much appreciated, and God speed. ~N

Just as a disclaimer: All songs (C) by Nick Choo <-- Australian copyright policies grant rights as long as this is stated and there is sufficient proof of ownership.

Random Rant #1

Nobody tells me anythingggg!!

You know what I'm talking about!

You know who you are...

hehehehe we're all smiling...

Fish, Online Chats, Rainbows and Pastry...

Thus ends Easter Sunday. Twas a good day. Did nothing much as usual, then went to church and played for Mass... did pretty good, I reckon. Afterwards, me and the church band (we don't have a band name, although our motto is Excellence Honours God and Inspires People, so we're called EHGAIP for short. Anyhooo.) ... afterwards, me and the church band headed to Clancy's Fish Pub for ... um. Fish. and... stuff. Yeah. Me and Anita and Dan and Anthony and Emma and Brigid and Trinh and Ross and Christine and and and and and Patrick and and gosh i don't remember, my deepest apologies to thee whom I might've left out. Good night. Twas a good nite.

Anyway. Just now a (kinda) funny conversation took place online on MSN between me and my mate who insists he only be known as Gevaudin (don't ask). It went something like this:

Nick: tell me something else. Something interesting. Something new.
Gevaudin: No. You cannot derive entertainment from my life.
Nick: *shrugs*
Nick: ok then.
Gevaudin: No, I mean, there isn't any.



Okay, I thought it funny. :P


Anyways. To top things all off, boys and girls, please please please PLEASE check out the following link which Gevaudin provided. It's classic. Classic, I tell you. It's bloody downright shockin' (not in a ghastly, trauma-inducing kinda way) and hilarious. Check it out! If you don't, you're missing out, this I swear. So... yeah. Click. Clicketty-click.

or if you prefer, just click on the link (which amounts to the same thing, really):
Good times! ~N

PS: Just heard this literally ten seconds ago - housemate Judi asks housemate Carol, who'd made an apple pastry dish for her boyfriend: "So, did your boyfriend like his tart? And that thing you baked for him as well?"


Good times!

Sunday, 27 March 2005

On This Day...

Happy Easter, Boys & Girls! :))

May the spirit of season be with you during this blessed time of year.

God bless, ~N

PS Thanks, Justin, for the barbie!!! ;)

Friday, 25 March 2005

Just Quickly...

... one of the songs that I submitted for the Pacific Songwriting Competition can still be downloaded. For convenience, I've added a link to the sidebar on the right. Hope you guys will check it out and let me know what you think. Remember, it's not the performance that counts (because my voice sucks) :P - but rather the song itself, which is a love song submitted under the Inspirational category. Okay, wish me luck! Thanks. ~N

24 into 25...

Heylo. So it's the big 25 now, and... well, to be honest I don't feel any older, ahahahhaa. But then I'm again, i'm only probably 24 hours into it, so... *heh*!

Didn't do much for my birthday given the dismal party thingo last week, but am having a dinner party for my church mates on April 1st (a party with theme of Fools' Night)... and that's a combined birthday celebration for me and my good mate Chris, whose birthday falls on the 26th. For the past three years we've been having combined birthday bashes, but it's hard to mix the churchy crowd with the overly melodramatic uni theatre crowd, for reasons plain and clear to members of either party....

Anyways. Last night me and my housemates Judi and Carol went out for dinner at a trendy-esque restaurant Terrazza, where we had cocktails and coffee liquers and italian sausage starters and overly portioned main meals. Yummy yummy! The girls surprised me with a chocolate cake at the end of the night (a birthday cake on my birthday! Wot??) ... and we ate till bursting point, which is good because today's Good Friday and we're on this fasting/abstainance thing in commemmoration of the Lord's dying on the Cross.

Two more days till Easter Sunday! Whoohoo! I'll probably reiterate this on the actual day, but I'd like to wish one and all a very safe and Happy Easter 2005!! All the best, and God bless! ~N

Thursday, 24 March 2005

Haaappy Biiiiirthdaaay Tooooo....

.... *awk!* furball.


Thus begins my quarter-century crisis.

Thank you to all who've sent me well wishes, cards, e-cards and the like. Much appreciated, and much love.


Wednesday, 23 March 2005

First Wish!

Might I officially declare SHAUN EWE as my favourite cousin (whoo hoooo! Sorry, other guys. Sorry, A. Sorry, S. Sorry, P!) ... because he's the first person to wish me HAPPY BIRTHDAY on my actual birthday! Wooot! "But wait a moment," you might exclaim, "it's only 9pm, regardless of whether in Malaysia or Perth." True, but Shaun's in Tasmania. They're three hours ahead. So... THANKS SHAUN! :P :P :P (check out Shaun's blog if you're interested!) :)

Cakes & Jesus

Heya! So today I went to class and "chucked a tanty" over the party issue, which is officially over. Well, I didn't make some emotional scene so much as play it cold. :P But I managed to vent to those involved, and now it's off my chest, and it's all good, and countdown to my actual birthdate - ONE DAY!! Whoohoo! (PS THANKS FOR THE CAKE, CAROL!)

Meanwhile, today I received what has to be the best pressie I've had in a long while from my best uni mate Paul (yes, I'm being overflattering because this is the best pressie I've had in a long while)! It's so cool (and perhaps, depending on your perspective, so wrong at the same time) -- and I've got a photo of it below (not the actual product I own, because my buddy Quentin just had to take back his digicam, JEEZ QUENT, IT WAS ONLY EIGHT MONTHS I'VE HAD IT!) .... * Drum roll please.... *


Love it. Just love it. And Paul said the funniest thing today: "I was stuck on what to get you for your birthday, but then I found Jesus and he showed me the way."

Hehehehe. Thanks buddy. Hay is wot the horses eat.

Anyhooo, the song Each Moment is still available for downloading; would love to know what you guys think. Just to make things easier for those who don't like scrolling downwards, you may download it by clicking on 'Download Each Moment' on this page. Leave a comment, yea? Cheers!

Tuesday, 22 March 2005

Anger Management, Amazon Associates & Andrean Advice!

Heya. How's it going? Been a little busy since I last posted (and still slightly bummed about the party thing, but as my housemate Judi put it, "Oh get the phuck over it, Nick!") :P ... I've mentioned in one of my earlier posts my intention of entering a songwriting competition, so I've been working on some very basic demos to submit (the competition says only the songs will be judged, not the production and performance quality, thank God!).

I've come to realise that for a blog which claims to contain the 'Memoirs of a Mad Malaysian Musicmaker', there's a significant lack of my musical stuff on it (although downloads can still be found at my site, see the link on the right with the floating arrow thingamibobjiggymajig)... so may I proudly present a song submitted for said competition, entitled Each Moment, which is a love song entered in the spiritual/inspirational category (though with no explicit God-related references). Please download and let me know what you think. High notes a bit dodgy here and there, but you'll get the gist of it. Song, not performance quality. :P [Each Moment, music & lyrics (C) 2005 by Nick Choo] <--- just a precaution. Australian regulation grants copyright protection just by stating it and by having sufficient proof of composition, which I have. Actually, you'll find the song on my additional website by clicking on the following link:

and clicking on 'Download Each Moment' . (Best to right-click and 'save as'...). Would really appreciate it if you could let me know what you think; my email address is somewhere above in the profile box. Or just leave a comment, lol! I'll try to get the doodle-board up and running again as it had broken down. Anyway, check out Each Moment, the link is above the logo on the supplementary site.

Which reminds me... I've become an Amazon associate! Yaay! Okay, it's not that huge a deal; it just means greater buying convenience for those who wish to purchase any of the products I've got listed in the sidebar on the right (note: books still available, hint hint hint!) ;)) Some of the images are links to's item-specification page so that those who are interested in obtaining a copy of the book or DVD or wotever can do so with just a click of the mouse! Woohoo! Anyway, thank you to everyone once again for your support, hope you will continue to check stuff out from this blog. :)

Back to updates: this morning I had a group meeting with some new friends from my Communications & Conflict Management tutorial - a unit that basically deals with... um... communications and conflict management. Went pretty well, I guess, although I'm not 100% convinced that the topic we've chosen is entirely the most potential-laden...but everyone else was very enthusiastic about it, and I admit there are possibilities with it... but still... *shrugs* Ah well. It's all about communicating and managing conflict, Nick. :P It's all good. I mean, it will be, I'm sure. And the members of the group are a really nice bunch (all of us are so not morning people; we were falling asleep over our cups of coffee and tins of Red Bull). :))

Last night I met up with my dear friend Andrea (hiiiiii Andreaaaa) and her hubby Greg (hiiii Greeggg) at a coffeeshop for... um... coffees, and that was really nice, just sitting back and chattin' and chillin'. Andrea reckons I should, as the Aussies say, "chuck a tanty" regarding the party situation (which I'm almost entirely over, I promise!) ... i.e. she thinks, with regards to the close mates at least, I still have a right to be mad and, perhaps, dramatic about it. I do like drama. This might be interesting. Hmm. We'll see...

Well, that's all for now. Wish me luck with the songwriting comp, boys and girls! am submitting EIGHT songs (how desperate to win am I?!?!) ... well, it's really seven songs, but one of 'em will be submitted in two categories. Y'know, sometimes it's hard to decide if a particular song qualifies as a ballad or an inspirational song... so I figured, best enter it in both categories. Fingers crossed. Alrighty, that's about all for now. Till next time!


Saturday, 19 March 2005

Well And Truly Pissed ... Off

Well. I have to say that the big birthday bash I had planned didn't exactly go as well as expected. The main problem was, out of the >30 people who I'd invited and who said they'd make it, only about 30% of them showed up, which was highly disappointing. Yup, you read right - nine (or so) people out of the grand total! :((( Which really does suck because it makes you think, perhaps, that out of the people who said they were going to be there, only a handful of them truly cared and made the effort while the rest of them perhaps aren't bothered as much as one would hope.

Oh well.

To those who did show up - you know who you are - thank you, I hope you guys had a great time (as I obviously did, haha!), and I appreciate your friendship. Those who couldn't make it and who apologised beforehand - it's cool, wish you could've been there, but what can ya do? ;) And for those who said they would definitely be there and yet, for reasons unexplained, weren't -- well, you guys suck. Big time.

Y'know what's the saddest part? The fact that many of those who came yesterday are wonderful, beautiful friends who weren't necessarily my closest friends in Perth. Those who I thought were the closest... well, they obviously don't give a shit, and that truly is disheartening. Maybe our friendship means more to me than it does to them, I don't know.

Ah well. It's over now. I'll get over it. Third-party readers of this blog - I apologise for being bitchy - but it's a combination of a hangover, the humidity, and a dwindling faith in the promises of friends.


Friday, 18 March 2005

Prelude To A Party

Tonite: the first birthday party for yours truly shall be held. Sure, it's six days early, but better this weekend than next week, cos of Easter and all that. So! It's kinda rainy here, which doesn't make it very conducive to having people outdoors, but... ah well, we'll have to make do. I wonder how many people will turn up. Hopefully enough. :) Well, good luck to me, boys and girls. I sense drunkenness. Thank you for not informing my parents.

Byebye for now!

Wednesday, 16 March 2005

Byebye baby...

Hey all.

We're sad in this house now. My housemates Judi, Carol and I -- we're sad. Because yesterday morning, at around 9am, our beloved housemate Jo upped and left for Singapore... pretty much permanently. *Sniff* The house is now dark and quiet, and it's all ... well, different. We're now looking for a new fourth housemate, and it's gonna be weird to have somebody different living in Jo's ex-room, because Jo's room was where it all happened. Um. That sounds wrong. I mean, Jo's room was the hangout spot in the house. We'd watch TV and play X-Box games and chit and chat and laugh and cry and eat and everything in that room, mainly because Jo had all the... equipment. Hmm. For some reason it all sounds weird. Maybe I'm just too bummed (to which Jo would probably reply, "And not in that good way", hahahaha) :/

But anyways, Jo, we miss you already! Hope you had a good flight home, and make sure you don't forget us!! :))

(Totally off topic - my computer phucked up on me yet again, and so I was forced to reformat the entire C: drive and reinstall heapsa crap, meaning I also lost heapsa crap. Among the stuff that was wiped out was my collection of photos, all that I'd either scanned in or taken with... um... my mate Quentin's long-borrowed digicam. Anyhoooo. At least I've got the blog pics. Sigh. Life. Whatcanyado...?)

Moving back: we threw a farewell party on Saturday night for Jo, so I'd like to, if I may, feature some photos of it as well as the picnic that we took along the South Perth Foreshore the following day. (I sincerely apologise if this blog has been laden with photos lately, but that's precisely why broadband is a good thing!) :P ... Anyways, enjoy the pics.

Postscript: Countdown to Nick's birthday - 8 days! (although it's on Holy Thursday, so the party's this Friday, as I've already mentioned. Woooooo!) Where was I? Oh right. Pics. Here ya go.

Image hosted by From left: Carol, Jo & Judi.

Image hosted by Jo & Judi leerin' for da camera!

Image hosted by Judi and champers!

Image hosted by The "postcard" photo of Judi and Perth city, taken during the picnic.

Image hosted by Jo and her softee cone. Um. Yeah.

Image hosted by Our mate Jerolina and her...ball.

Image hosted by Judi, Josie & Jo - the happy trio.

Image hosted by "I could hump a tree..." - Karen Walker, 'Will & Grace'

Image hosted by Judi & Jo in a bizarre moment...

~ N

Thursday, 10 March 2005

Photoblog: The Second Wedding!

Here are photos from Len & Louise's wedding, as promised! This might consume your time and/or bandwidth, so if you have a low kb dialup, y'might wanna just... y'know. Move on to another site. (Sorry Sam!) :P

Image hosted by
The bride and groom during the beautiful wedding ceremony, from my limited vantage point at the piano.

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by
I like this shot. Blurry, but there's something magical about it.

Image hosted by
The Wedding Cake. Well...obviously.

Image hosted by
Cutting the cake.

Image hosted by
The blushing bride in bright red. My apologies for the blurry shots.

Image hosted by
Three of my table-mates, from left: Andrea, Beattie and Elaine.

Image hosted by
Lordy lord, get some booze into the groom and he goes wild!

Image hosted by
A funny moment, wherein Louise is blindfolded and has to guess which butt belongs to her hubbie. Oh dear. The things people do at wedding receptions.

Image hosted by
A scary moment in which a drama of Len's future life is reenacted onstage. Here, Len is seduced by a very sexy secretary. Um. Yeah. It's... um. Words fail me.

Image hosted by
Yours truly and Andrea, sister of da groom!

Image hosted by
Fellow table-mates and newlyweds from last week, Phil & Gerri.

Image hosted by
Me at the keyboard while the scrumptious meals were being served. *sniffles*


Multitasking, Four Seasons, Four Seasons, Music & Birthdays

Hi everyone! How's it all going? Sorry I haven't been posting lately, have just been too lazy busy with stuff... hehehe. Right now as I'm typing this, I'm listening to an online lecture about organisations and conflict management. It's actually quite interesting stuff - to me, at least. And wow, the marvels of modern technology! Meanwhile, you might be wondering how I'm composing this post whilst simultaneously listening to a lecturer talk about structures in organisations... let's just say, multi-taskoing ios smethphing i paruiotiocilarly ecxcel inn! :P

Last Saturday I played for my mates' Len & Louise's wedding and reception - a beautiful service in St Columba's Catholic Church in South Perth, followed by a long break in between and a great, tummy-filling, fun-times-had-by-all reception at a Chinese restaurant in the city. A ten course meal with the much-to-be-expected steamed fish, abalone & mushroom, fried rice, shark's fin soup and "Four Seasons" appetizer - the latter two of which I missed out on initially because the beautiful bride and groom asked me to play the piano (well, my keyboard) during the first two courses. But fear not, my fellow table-mates (including last week's newlyweds Phil & Gerri, my dear friend Beattie and fellow-wedding-musician Alwyn) had saved me a couple of serves of the food... so it was all good! :) Heheehe! Anyway, I'll put up photos from the wedding and reception in another post... probably as soon as this lecture's over. Wait for it! Meanwhile, heartiest congratulations to the happy couple! :)

On another note, tonight Beattie and I went to the Perth Concert Hall to watch the Brandenburg Orchestra perform Vivaldi's The Four Seasons. A very enjoyable time, with some excellent performers, especially the solo violinist who apparently had learnt everything by heart and performed with flair and pizzazz! Occasionally the soloists went off-pitch ever so slightly, which, if one were really petty and particular, could be seen as thoroughly unprofessional for a show of such ostentatiousness and grandeur, but we're not petty and particular, are we? No, no we're not. :P

Onto another topic: I'm intending to submit a few compositions to the Pacific Songwriting Competition, which closes end of the month. Those who are keen on taking part in such contests, check out the website here, where you can even upload your entries as .wma or .mp3 files! Wow! If I hadn't said so already, the marvels of modern technology!

Finally, I'll be turning a quarter-century old come the 24th! SHRIEKS! Will be having my usual double birthday bash, first one on the 18th of March, the second either on the day after or on Easter Sunday (27th). More on these when they take place - and you know the drunken pictures of Nick will be abundant! :P :P Alrighty, that's about all for now! Take care, don't do the things I would do and have, and keep the albatross afloat! ~N